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* All headers gathered into a single one. Typedefs suppressed.Frederic Culot2010-03-201-104/+0
* Code to save the calendar default view in the configuration file.Frederic Culot2009-10-281-1/+2
* conf_set_scrsize not static any more (moved to custom_set_swsiz)Frederic Culot2009-08-021-1/+2
* Save and restore daemon configuration options.Frederic Culot2009-08-011-2/+4
* Switch to BSD license.Frederic Culot2009-07-051-14/+26
* Automatic periodic saves implementedFrederic Culot2008-12-281-1/+2
* new layout configuration menuFrederic Culot2008-12-201-2/+2
* Building configuration menu to assign keybindingsFrederic Culot2008-11-231-2/+3
* Yet another style for source code. GNU style now used (I am fed up with tabs...)Frederic Culot2008-04-121-42/+45
* Tony's patch concerning date format configuration importedFrederic Culot2008-04-091-2/+4
* custom_confwin_init() addedFrederic Culot2007-10-211-2/+4
* layout_config() updated to use wins_set_layout()Frederic Culot2007-08-151-2/+2
* unuseful headers removed and some functions became staticFrederic Culot2007-07-281-2/+1
* no more window erase in custom_load_conf()Frederic Culot2007-07-211-2/+3
* custom_load_conf() updated to use window_t typeFrederic Culot2007-07-201-10/+10
* custom_load_conf() prototype modifiedFrederic Culot2007-05-061-3/+20
* custom_load_conf() prototype addedFrederic Culot2007-03-241-1/+5
* custom_color_theme_name() prototype addedFrederic Culot2007-03-101-3/+4
* color pairs enum addedFrederic Culot2007-03-041-4/+19
* Initial revisionFrederic Culot2006-07-311-0/+42