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+# calcurse
[![Build and test](https://github.com/lfos/calcurse/actions/workflows/make.yml/badge.svg)](https://github.com/lfos/calcurse/actions/workflows/make.yml)
[![Lint Python](https://github.com/lfos/calcurse/actions/workflows/lint_python.yml/badge.svg)](https://github.com/lfos/calcurse/actions/workflows/lint_python.yml)
+## Installation
-Install the following build dependencies. If your distro segments development
-files from core packages (i.e., \*-devel or \*-dev packages), you may need to
-install those as well:
+calcurse is available on a number of Linux distributions:
+[![Packaging status](https://repology.org/badge/vertical-allrepos/calcurse.svg)](https://repology.org/project/calcurse/versions)
+## Building from Source
+Install the following build dependencies. If your distribution segments
+development files from core packages (i.e., \*-devel or \*-dev packages), you
+may need to install those as well:
* gcc
* autoconf-archive
@@ -31,8 +35,7 @@ and install calcurse:
Note that `make install` needs to be run as root. When working on a Git
checkout, you need to run `./autogen.sh` before `./configure`.
-Package Overview
+## Source Overview
* `build-aux`: auxiliary files for the build process
* `contrib`: useful tools such as hooks or the CalDAV synchronization script
@@ -42,8 +45,7 @@ Package Overview
* `src`: the actual calcurse source files
* `test`: test suite and test cases for calcurse
+## Authors
calcurse was created by Frederic Culot in 2004. Since 2011, the project is
maintained by Lukas Fleischer. Many core features added to calcurse since 2017
@@ -53,8 +55,7 @@ Of course, there are numerous other contributors. Check the Git commit log and
the `Thanks` section in the manual for a list of people who have contributed by
reporting bugs, sending fixes, or suggesting improvements.
-Contributing and Donations
+## Contributing and Donations
Patches, bug reports and other requests are always welcome! You can submit them
to one of our mailing lists (check the [patch submission