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+12 Aug 2007:
+ Moon phase calculation added
+ calendar_get_pom(), pom(), potm(), dotr() and adj360 added, based on the
+ OpenBSD version of pom(6)
+ TODO list updated
04 Aug 2007:
ASSERT macro created
aerror() and ierror() created to improve error handling while in ncurses
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- o Improve error handling
o Improve the '-d' option by adding more date formats
o Accept dates entered in other formats such as d/m/yyyy or d/m/yy,
make the date format user configurable
@@ -28,7 +27,6 @@ Average
o Add searching capabilities with support for regex
o Allow the creation of sub-todos (divide todos into different tasks)
o Improve handling of window resizing with the help of signals
- o Add lunar phases calculation