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Release Notes
+Version 4.7.0 (2020-10-12)
+- Compatibility notes:
+ * Note file contents are now exported as DESCRIPTION in iCal exports. For
+ notes that should not be exported, please use the "-- " separator
+ (dash-dash-space-newline); everything below that separator (including the
+ separator itself) is ignored during export.
+ * The item deletion menu has been redesigned and now looks as follows:
+ Delete (s)elected occurrence, (a)ll occurrences, or only the (n)ote?
+ Options that are not available (e.g. because the item is not recurrent
+ or does not have a note) are omitted.
+ * The systemdialogs option has been removed from the configuration. The
+ welcome window has been removed, import/export status messages are now
+ always displayed unless the --quiet command line flag is used.
+- New features:
+ * Support for advanced recurrence rules (e.g. "every year on last Sunday in
+ October"). Supported in the UI and in iCal imports. For details on how to
+ use advanced recurrences, run :help repeat. Sample iCal files with
+ advanced recurrence rules can be found in contrib/import/ in the calcurse
+ source tree.
+ * Repeat counts are accepted in the UI as an alternative to repetition end
+ dates for recurrent items (e.g. "#3" to specify that an item should have
+ three occurrences).
+ * The :previous and :next commands can be used to jump to the previous/next
+ occurrence of the currently selected recurrent item. This is useful for
+ verifying that a new (advanced) recurrence rule works as intended.
+ * Various improvements in iCal imports: Location, comment and status of
+ iCal events are now imported as special fields in the note file. The time
+ zone identifier (TZID) is now recognized, time fields are converted to a
+ local time and the zone identifier is logged in the note file.
+ * Notes are now displayed in the item view dialog (implemented by Ambika
+ Eshwar).
+- Bug fixes:
+ * Fixed formatting of DTSTART for recurrent events (implemented by
+ Jerem-K).
+ * Improvements in hook execution. Hooks are background jobs and must not
+ interfere with the terminal (stdin, stdout, stderr).
+- calcurse-caldav bug fixes:
+ * Checks to make sure the config and data dirs exist (implemented by
+ Nitroretro).
Version 4.6.0 (2020-03-27)
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-calcurse was originally authored by Frederic Culot and is currently maintained
-by Lukas Fleischer.
+calcurse was created by Frederic Culot in 2004. Since 2011, the project is
+maintained by Lukas Fleischer. Many core features added to calcurse since 2017
+were designed and implemented by Lars Henriksen.
Of course, there are numerous other contributors. Check the Git commit log and
the `Thanks` section in the manual for a list of people who have contributed by
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First you need to gunzip and untar the source archive:
-$ tar zxvf calcurse-4.6.0.tar.gz
+$ tar zxvf calcurse-4.7.0.tar.gz
Once you meet the requirements and have extracted the archive, the install