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Support sending notifications for all appointments
In 45417bc (Add configuration option to notify all appointments, 2011-07-31), we added an option that allows for choosing whether the user receives notifications only for flagged or only for unflagged appointments. Convert this setting into a three-state option and allow the user to additionally enable notifications for *all* appointments. Signed-off-by: Lukas Fleischer <lfleischer@calcurse.org>
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-`notification.notifyall` (default: *no*)::
- Invert the sense of flagging an appointment as `important`. If this is
- enabled, all appointments will be notified - except for flagged ones.
+`notification.notifyall` (default: *flagged-only*)::
+ If set to flagged-only, you are only notified of flagged items. If set to
+ unflagged-only, you are only notified of unflagged items. If set to all,
+ notifications are always sent, independent of whether an item is flagged or
+ not. For historical reasons, this option also accepts boolean values where
+ yes equals flagged-only and no equals unflagged-only.
`daemon.enable` (default: *no*)::
If set to yes, daemon mode will be enabled, meaning `calcurse` will run into