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Drop doc/main.txt
This is no longer needed since we don't use the internal online help system anymore. Signed-off-by: Lukas Fleischer <calcurse@cryptocrack.de>
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- Welcome to Calcurse. This is the main help screen.
-Moving around: Press '^P' or '^N' to scroll text upward or downward
- inside help screens, if necessary.
- Exit help: When finished, press 'q' to exit help and go back to
- the main Calcurse screen.
- Help topic: At the bottom of this screen you can see a panel with
- different fields, represented by a letter and a short
- title. This panel contains all the available actions
- you can perform when using Calcurse.
- By pressing one of the letters appearing in this
- panel, you will be shown a short description of the
- corresponding action. At the top right side of the
- description screen are indicated the user-defined key
- bindings that lead to the action.
- Credits: Press '@' for credits. \ No newline at end of file