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* Calcurse - text-based organizer
* Copyright (c) 2004-2008 Frederic Culot
@@ -86,7 +86,12 @@ well as the way one can contribute to <code>calcurse</code> development.
<li><a href="#basics_interface_interactive">4.2.2 Modo interactivo</a></li>
<li><a href="#basics_files">4.3 Archivos de <code>calcurse</code></a></li>
- <li><a href="#basics_help">4.4 Ayuda en linea</a></li>
+ <li><a href="#basics_import_export"><span class="todo">4.4 Import/Export capabilities</span></a>
+ <ul>
+ <li><a href="#basics_import"><span class="todo">4.4.1 Import</span></a></li>
+ <li><a href="#basics_export"><span class="todo">4.4.2 Export</span></a></li>
+ </ul></li>
+ <li><a href="#basics_help">4.5 Ayuda en linea</a></li>
<li><a href="#options">5. Opciones</a>
@@ -231,7 +236,7 @@ well as the way one can contribute to <code>calcurse</code> development.
<h2>3.2 Proceso de instalación<a name="install_process"></a></h2>
Primero necesitas descomprimir ( gunzip y untar) el archivo fuente:</p>
- <pre>tar zxvf calcurse-2.2.tar.gz</pre>
+ <pre>tar zxvf calcurse-2.3.tar.gz</pre>
Una vez has resuelto los requisitos y has extraído el archivo,
el proceso de instalación es muy simple y sigue los tres pasos habituales:
@@ -299,6 +304,12 @@ well as the way one can contribute to <code>calcurse</code> development.
Imprime un breve texto de ayuda describiendo las opciones soportadas en la
linea de comando y sale.
+ <dt><code>-i &lt;file&gt;, --import &lt;file&gt;</code></dt>
+ <dd>
+ <div class="todo">
+ Import the icalendar data contained in <code>file</code>.
+ </div>
+ </dd>
<dt><code>-n, --next</code></dt>
Imprime las citas para las próximas 24 horas y sale.
@@ -562,7 +573,61 @@ $HOME/.calcurse/
<dd>contiene la lista de tareas pendientes.</dd>
-<h2>4.4 Ayuda en linea<a name="basics_help"></a></h2>
+<div class="todo">
+<h2>4.4 Import/Export capabilities<a name="basics_import_export"></a></h2>
+ The import and export capabilities offered by <code>calcurse</code>
+ are described below.
+<h3>4.4.1 Import<a name="basics_import"></a></h3>
+ Data in icalendar format as described in the rfc2445 specification
+ (see <a href="#links_others">links</a> section below) can be imported
+ into calcurse. Calcurse ical parser is based on version 2.0 of this
+ specification, but for now on, only a subset of it is supported.
+ The following icalendar properties are handled by calcurse:
+ <ul>
+ <li><code>VTODO</code> items:<br>
+ <li><code>VEVENT</code> items:<br>
+ </ul>
+ The icalendar "DESCRIPTION" property will be converted into calcurse format
+ by adding a note to the item. If a "VALARM" property is found, the item
+ will be flagged as important and the user will get a notification (this is
+ only applicable to appointments).
+ Here are the properties that are not implemented:
+ <ul>
+ <li>negative time durations are not taken into account (item is skipped)</li>
+ <li>some recurence frequences are not recognize:<br>
+ <li>some recurrence keywords are not recognized
+ (all those starting with 'BY'):<br>
+ plus "WKST"</li>
+ <li>the recurrence exception keyword "EXRULE" is not recognized</li>
+ <li>timezones are not taken into account</li>
+ </ul>
+<h3>4.4.2 Export<a name="basics_export"></a></h3>
+ Two possible export formats are available: <code>ical</code> and
+ <code>pcal</code> (see section <a href="#links_others">Links</a> below
+ to find out about those formats).
+<h2>4.5 Ayuda en linea<a name="basics_help"></a></h2>
En cualquier momento, puedes consultar el sistema de ayuda integrado
presionando la tecla '?'. Una vez en la pantalla de ayuda,
@@ -1042,10 +1107,10 @@ msgid ""
que me han enviado sus comentarios.</p>
<div class="footer">
- Copyright (c) 2004-2008 Fr&eacute;d&eacute;ric Culot<br>
+ Copyright (c) 2004-2008 Frédéric Culot<br>
Traducido al Español por José López
<code>&lt;testinground .at. gmail .dot. com&gt;</code><br>
- Calcurse version 2.2 - Last change: August 11, 2008<br>
+ Calcurse version 2.3 - Last change: September 21, 2008<br>