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This is outdated and has been migrated to the bug tracker which turned out to be a much better way of keeping track of tickets. Signed-off-by: Lukas Fleischer <calcurse@cryptocrack.de>
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-calcurse TODO list
-Here is a list of modifications we will perform on calcurse in future releases.
-They are grouped into three different priority categories. Feel free to send us
-an email (misc@calcurse.org) if you would like to see a feature added in
-calcurse which does not appear in this list.
-* Add a key binding to toggle between visible/hidden tasks inside todo panel
-* Add an optional argument to the --next flag to check for next appointment
- starting from the specified time
-* Implement word-wrap in the sidebar
-* Support additional iCalendar keywords in appointment/event/todo notes (see
- http://lists.calcurse.org/misc/msg00017.html)
-* Add support for CalDAV protocol (rfc4791)
-* Add support for ical's BYDAY recursion modifier (to express recurrences
- like 'every monday' for example)
-* Implement user-definable categories to classify appointments and tasks
-* Implement copy/paste functionality
-* Implement support for a journal
-* All status bars should be terminal-size dependant (config_bar is not)
-* Compute Easter sunday