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authorFrederic Culot <calcurse@culot.org>2006-08-19 14:55:20 +0000
committerFrederic Culot <calcurse@culot.org>2006-08-19 14:55:20 +0000
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Fixed many bugs concerning recurrent items
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+19 Aug 2006:
+ bugfix: in io.c, a bug could cause a fatal error when loading from file
+ an endless recurrent item with non-repeated days
+ bugfix: in recur.c, fixed a bug which could result in an infinite loop
+ when saving multiple days
+ bugfix: in calcurse.c, a newly created appointment or event is now
+ correctly highlighted
+ recur_repeat_item() updated to check if the frequence is valid
16 Aug 2006:
recur_exc_scan() created
recur_event_new() and recur_apoint_new() updated to take non-repeated
@@ -35,7 +44,7 @@
allocated structure that can be overwritten by subsequent calls
to the function (which was the case with recurrent items)
load_app(), recur_event_scan(), recur_apoint_scan(), recur_item_inday(),
- recur_event_write() and recur_apoint_write() updated to take endless
+ recur_event_write() and recur_apoint_write() updated to take endless
recurrent items into account
24 Jun 2006: