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Add an item in either the todo or appointment list, depending on which panel is

To enter a new item in the todo list, you will need first to enter the
description of this new item. Then you will be asked to specify the todo
priority. This priority is represented by a number going from 9 for the lowest
priority, to 1 for the highest one. It is still possible to change the item
priority afterwards, by using the '+' and '-' keys inside the todo panel.

If the appointment panel is selected, you will be able to enter either a new
appointment or a new all-day long event. To enter a new event, press [ENTER]
instead of the item start time, and just fill in the event description.

To enter a new appointment to be added in the appointment list, you will need
to enter successively the time at which the appointment begins, the appointment
length (either by specifying the end time in [hh:mm] or the duration in
[+hh:mm], [+xxdxxhxxm] or [+mm] format), and the description of the event. If
you skip the end time by pressing [ENTER], a punctual appointment will be

The day at which occurs the event or appointment is the day currently selected
in the calendar, so you need to move to the desired day before.


* If an appointment lasts for such a long time that it continues on the next
  days, this event will be indicated on all the corresponding days, and the
  beginning or ending hour will be replaced by '..' if the event does not begin
  or end on the day.

* If you only press [ENTER] at the description prompt, without any description,
  no item will be added.

* Do not forget to save the calendar data to retrieve the new event next time
  you launch calcurse.