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[15 May 2006]
Version 1.4
- New features:
  * Support for i18n added
  * Support for non-color terminals added

  * Option added to choose which day is the first of the week 
    (monday or sunday)

  * Documentation improved, with translated html manuals

- Bugfixes:
  * When confirmation is requested, it is now done by pressing 
    'y' or 'n' instead of 'yes' or 'no'

- Translation:
  * french translation 

  * french and german manuals

[17 Mar 2006]
Version 1.3
- New features:
  * Adding of all-day long events                                             
  * Many GUI improvements:                                                    
        o better scrolling (with the use of ncurses pad functions)          
        o scrollbars added                                                  
        o progress bar added                                                

  * Appointment duration can now be entered either in minutes or in           
    hh:mm format

- Bugfixes:
  * January 0 bug fixed                                                       
  * Current day is no longer highlighted in every year of the future          
    and the past (thanks to Michael for reporting that bug)                   

  * Fixed compiler warnings (thanks to Uwe for reporting this)                

  * Removed -lpanel link during compilation                                   

  * Characters can now be erased with CTRL-H (to fix a problem                
    reported by Brendan)

[26 Nov 2005]
Version 1.2
- New features:
  * An option was added to skip system dialogs                                
  * Configure script was improved

- Bugfixes:
  * Ncurses library use improved: screen refreshing is faster,                
    windows do not flicker anymore when updated, and memory                     
    footprint is much smaller                                                   
  * Changed abbreviation for 'Wednesday' from 'Wen' to 'Wed'

[29 Oct 2005]
Version 1.1
- New features:
  * Command-line options which allows to display appointments and             
    todo list without entering the interactive mode                           

  * Manpage and documentation updated                                         

  * Configure script improved

- Bugfixes:
  * Debian Bug Report #335430 regarding the GoTo today function               
    is now fixed

[08 Oct 2005]
Version 1.0       First stable release
- New features:
  * Calcurse now comes with a manpage

- Bugfixes:
  * Debian Bug Report #330869 regarding the October 0 which does not          
    exist is now fixed                                                        
  * Default options "auto-save", "confirm-quit", and                          
    "confirm-delete" were set to 'yes'

[11 Sep 2005]
Version 1.0rc3    Firtst public release

[26 Jun 2005]
Version 1.0rc2
beta version

[02 Apr 2005]
Version 1.0rc1
beta version