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26 Jul 2007:
	global variables suppressed in calcurse.c

22 Jul 2007:
	exit_calcurse() created
	wins_slctd_init(), wins_slctd_set(), wins_slctd_next() 
	and wins_slctd() created
	sigs.c and sigs.h created to store signal handling routines
	which_pan global variable suppressed

21 Jul 2007:
	wins.c and wins.h created to store windows handling related routines
	window handling routines moved to wins.c and wins.h
	erase_status_bar() created
	several routines moved from calcurse.c to more appropriate source files:
		update_app_panel() moved to apoint_update_panel()
		update_todo_panel() moved to todo_update_panel()
		add_item() moved to apoint_add()
		del_item() split into apoint_delete() and todo_delete()
		init_vars() moved to vars_init()
		print_notify_options() moved to notify_print_options()
		config_notify_bar() moved to notify_config_bar()

20 Jul 2007:
	store_day() moved to day_process_storage()
	enum window_number moved to vars.h and became window_e
	window_t type created in vars.h
	day_items_nb_t added in day.h
	several routines updated to make use of the newly created window_t type

01 Jul 2007:
	bugfix: calendar_date_thread implemented to check for day changes
		(thanks Jupp for reporting the problem)
	code cleanup: global variables today and slctd_day moved to calendar.c
		and date_t type created
	several routines created in calendar.c: calendar_store_current_date(),
		calendar_get_slctd_day(), calendar_get_slctd_day_sec(),
		calendar_init_slctd_day(), calendar_move_up(),
		calendar_move_down(), calendar_move_left(),
		calendar_move_right(), calendar_set_first_day_of_week(),

12 Jun 2007:
	Thread implemented to regularly check for day changes (thanks Jupp for
	reporting the problem) 
	code cleanup in get_date() to get rid of global variables

22 May 2007: 1.8
	NEWS file updated
	html manuals updated
	po files updated

12 May 2007:
	English and French html manuals updated

06 May 2007:
	make use of memmove in del_char()
	layout variable added to conf_t type
	code cleanup in custom_load_con()
	    layout is now correctly restored (thanks Jose for reporting that
	    getstring() now properly handles erasing of characters
	    apad width is now correctly updated when changing layout
	    notify bar init sequence modified to avoid a possible segfault
	    right part of progress bar now properly displayed
	    item ending time is now assigned to correct day in day_edit_item()

24 Apr 2007:
	custom_color_config() made more robust regarding values returned by
	Many thanks to Herbert for reporting bugs related to color configuration

22 Apr 2007:
	custom_color_theme_name() updated to handle ncurses different returned
	values (depending on if ncurses was compiled with --enable-ext-funcs)

21 Apr 2007:
	custom_color_config() modified to take terminal's vertical length into
	custom_color_theme_name() updated to handle colorless theme

15 Apr 2007: 1.8_beta
	help_arg() updated to display help for the -export argument
	usage() updated
	manpage updated
	english manual updated
	configure.ac updated to check for new header files

14 Apr 2007:
	    wrong define used in notify_update_bar()
	    recurrent appointment description is now loaded correctly while the
	    item contains exceptions
	    item state is now saved for endless recurrent appointments
	    correct item is now highligthed when changing day inside appointment
	    panel with CTRL keys
	notify_catch_children() and notify_thread_children() suppressed, because
	zombie processes are now catched using signals
	sigchld_handler() and init_sighandler() created

04 Apr 2007:
	MAX_LENGTH replaced by stdio.h's BUFSIZ
	use of MININSEC and DAYINSEC defines
	bugfix: typestr size corrected in day_edit_item()
	bugfix: 01/01/1970 is not returned anymore if 0 is given to

24 Mar 2007:
	TODO updated
	online help updated to add the export and flag command
	'-x' flag added in parse_args() to export data in non-interactive mode
	init_notify_bar() moved from calcurse.c to notify_init_vars()
	load_conf() moved from calcurse.c to custom_load_conf()
	fill_config_var() moved from calcurse.c to custom.c
	extract_data() renamed to io_extract_data() and save_cal() to
	conf_t type created

19 Mar 2007:
	status_bar() updated to add 'X' and '!' keybindings

17 Mar 2007:
	io_export_events(), io_export_recur_events() and
	io_export_recur_apoints() created
	io_recur_type() and io_export_valarm() created
	progress_bar() updated to display a bar when exporting data

12 Mar 2007:
	date_sec2ical_datetime() and date_sec2ical_date() created
	io_export_apoints() updated to call date_sec2ical_datetime()

11 Mar 2007:
	'X' command added, to export data in iCal format
	io_export_data(), io_get_export_stream(), io_export_header(),
	io_export_footer(), io_export_todo(), io_export_apoints() created

10 Mar 2007:
	global variable 'colr' suppressed
	save_cal() modified to save new version of user-defined color theme
	custom_color_theme_name() created to return color theme name
	custom_load_color() updated to load new version of user-defined color
	recur_item_inday() improved, thanks to Tony's patch

04 Mar 2007:
	color_config() rewritten and changed to custom_color_config(), to allow
	more color choices and the use of terminal's default background color
	custom_load_color() created
	border_color() and border_nocolor() updated to take into account new
	color definitions 
	update_windows() updated to avoid the use of the 'colr' variable

28 Feb 2007:
	bugfix: CTRL-D problems while editing items fixed
	Thanks Toucouch for reporting this bug

25 Feb 2007:
	init_notify_bar() updated to get user shell
	notify_launch_cmd() created to launch user-defined command by forking a
	new process
	notify_catch_children() and notify_thread_children() created to avoid
	zombie processes when launching user-defined command

24 Feb 2007:
	'!' command added, to switch appointment notification state
	init_notify_bar(), config_notify_bar() and print_notify_options()
	modified to add the notification command option
	apoint_switch_notify() and recur_apoint_switch_notify() created		
	day_item_nb() created
	save_cal(), recur_apoint_write(), and apoint_write() updated 
	to save item state to disk
	load_app(), load_conf(), apoint_scan(), recur_apoint_scan(), 
	apoint_new() and recur_apoint_new() updated to read item state

20 Jan 2007: 1.7
	TODO list updated
	NEWS file updated

17 Jan 2007:
	Spanish manual and translation updated, many thanks to Jose

16 Jan 2007:
	better handling of the values returned by getstring(): user canceling
	now properly taken into account
	German translation updated
	TODO file updated
	calcurse version updated to 1.7 and copyright extended to 2007
	bugfix: html manuals updated because 'calcurse -ta' cannot be used any

10 Jan 2007:
	German manual and translation updated, many thanks to Chris M.
	bugfix: Edit command no longer crashes when trying to edit an unexisting
	bugfix: pressing 'CTRL-T' while inside appointment panel no longers
	create an appointment but a todo, as expected
	better checking of the entered date in goto_day()

05 Jan 2006:
	newline suppressed in next_arg()

21 Dec 2006:
	display adjustments in day_write_pad() and update_todo_panel()

19 Dec 2006:
	bugfix in init_wins(): max label length is now MAX_LENGTH
	bugfix in day_edit_item(): end time does not change if start time is
	fr.po: french translation updated
	README updated

18 Dec 2006: 1.7_beta
	bugfix in getstring(): CTRL-K now works properly

15 Dec 2006:
	TODO file updated: one more thing to improve...
	small bugfixes

14 Dec 2006:
	improvements in the memory deallocation in day_edit_item(),
	updatestring(), next_arg()
	updatestring() now returns a value indicating if there was a canceling
	when modifying text	
	TODO file updated

13 Dec 2006:
	bugfix: call to getstring() corrected in todo_new_item()
	documentation  about the built-in input line editor added in html
	item_in_popup() improved to replace the scroller() function by an
	ncurses pad
	scroller() function suppressed

12 Dec 2006:
	english and french html manuals updated
	help screen updated for repeat command

11 Dec 2006:
	help_arg() updated to take long options into account
	manpage updated

10 Dec 2006:
	help screen added for the 'Edit Item' command
	date format modified for the 'Go To' command 

08 Dec 2006:
	day_edit_item() finished, day_edit_time() created and day_erase_item()
	updated	to add the 'force_erase' flag
	recur_get_event() and recur_get_apoint() created
	datesec2str() changed to date_sec2hour_str(), and date_sec2date_str()
	update_time_in_date() created

01 Dec 2006:
	datesec2str() created

30 Nov 2006:
	'Edit Itm' command added in the status bar
	day_edit_item() created

28 Nov 2006:
	add_char() modified to use memmove() instead of memcpy()

02 Nov 2006:
	getstring() modified to take the max string length as an argument
	updatestring() and todo_edit_item() created	
	add_char() simplified, using memcpy()
	'E' key added to edit already existing items

28 Oct 2006:
	getstring() improved to allow the modification of an existing string
	showstring(), showcursor(), add_char() and delete_char() created 	
	getstring() calls in todo_new_item(), recur_repeat_item(),
	goto_day(), config_notify_bar() and add_item() updated
	display_item(), display_item_date() and day_write_pad() updated to add
	an asterisk in front of recurrent items 

17 Oct 2006:
	parse_args() modified to use getopt_long() instead of getopt, to make
	the '-t' priority number optional, and to allow the use of long options 
	configure.ac: check for getopt.h header file added

16 Oct 2006:
	bugfix: when creating a recurrent item, the entered end-date is now
	included again	
	'-t' flag now takes a priority number for argument

01 Oct 2006: 1.6
	german manual and translation updated by Chris M.
	bugfix: CTRL-J now works properly
	bugfix: a number of minutes can no longer be entered while creating a
	new appointment
	TODO list updated
	NEWS file updated

25 Sep 2006:
	spanish translation and manual updated by Jose Lopez

22 Sep 2006:
	spanish manual updated by Jose Lopez
	bugfix: LOCALEDIR is now defined in src/Makefile.am instead of
	configure.ac, to prevent from conflicting definitions. Thanks to Jose
	for reporting that bug.

19 Sep 2006:
	french, german and spanish manuals updated

18 Sep 2006:
	added test on warning time interval in config_notify_bar() 	
	print_general_options() modified to print text one line upper
	bugfix: pressing enter no longer switches to next week in calendar panel
	english manual updated

17 Sep 2006:
	config_notify_bar() improved
	getstring() improved to check for escape sequence
	help_screen() updated
	french translation updated

16 Sep 2006:
	'-n' flag implemented
	parse_args(), help_arg() and usage() updated
	next_arg(), now() created
	manpage updated
	notify_app_s structure updated
	apoint_check_next(), recur_apoint_check_next() and recur_repeat_item() 
	config_notify_bar() and print_notify_options() improved
	mycpy() created

15 Sep 2006:
	nbar_s structure created to store notify-bar settings
	save_cal() and load_conf() updated to write and read the user
	configuration concerning the notify-bar
	init_var(), help_screen() and config_bar() updated
	config_notify_bar(), print_notify_options(), init_notify_bar(), 
	notify_bar(), notify_start_main_thread() and notify_stop_main_thread()

14 Sep 2006:
	fixed a bug which caused the recurrent appointments not to show up in
	the notify-bar
	added the time left before next appointment inside notify-bar
	fixed a bug in recur_item_inday() which caused the appointments to have 
	a wrong start time when repeated
	bugfix: no more deletion of the wrong recurrent appointment
	today() created
	notify_check_added(), notify_check_repeated() and notify_same_item(),
	notify_same_recur_item() created

12 Sep 2006:
	implementation of a mutex lock to protect the appointment linked lists
	from race conditions
	apoint_llist_init() and recur_apoint_llist_init() created
	several routines in apoint.c and recur.c updated to take those new lists
	structure into account	

11 Sep 2006:
	small bugfixes in es.po
	DAYINSEC moved from recur.c to vars.h
	apoint_check_next() created
	recur_apoint_check_next() created
	notify_check_next_app() and notify_thread_app() created

09 Sep 2006:
	src/Makefile.am updated to take notify.h and .c into account, and link
	to lpthread added
	configure.ac: added test for pthread library and switched to 1.6
	help window size updated to take notification bar into account
	notify.h and notify.c created, with the following routines:
	notify_init_bar(), notify_reinit_bar(), notify_update_bar(),
	notify_extract_aptsfile(), notify_thread_sub()
	Makefile.am updated to add the spanish manual
	spanish manual and translations added, many thanks to Jose for 
	providing them
	manuals updated (thanks section)
08 Sep 2006:
	fixed a bug appearing when trying to delete a newly repeated item	

07 Sep 2006:
	fixed a bug which prevented status bar keybindings from being
	bugfix in recur_repeat_item(): the repeated end date can no longer be
	before the item start time. Thanks Chris for reporting that bug
	french translation updated
	TODO list updated

06 Sep 2006:
	status_bar() rewritten from scratch to allow more than one page
	of keybindings
	reset_status_page() and other_status_page() created
	'O' keybinding added to switch between status bar pages
	added general keybindings which apply whatever panel is selected
	(^A, ^T, ^H, ^J, ^K, ^L)
	changed the redraw keybinding from ^L to ^R
	added help pages concerning the general bindings and the 'O' command

03 Sep 2006:
	todo_args() updated to display priorities
	fr.po: new entries translated and fixed 'fuzzy' translations
	layout_config() improved, and new layout configurations added
	get_screen_config() updated to take new layouts into account
	TODO list updated

02 Sep 2006:
	help text added for the 'Priority' function and updated for the 'Add'
	todo_get_position(): fixed a possible infinite loop
	calcurse.c: improved the ToDo panel scrolling while changing item priority
	fixed a bug in day_write_pad() which could cause a misplacement of the
	line between events and appointments

31 Aug 2006:
	todo_chg_priority(), todo_get_item() and todo_get_position() created
	todo_insert() suppressed
	todo_new_item() updated to ask for priority
	todo_add() updated to sort items by priority order
	update_todo_panel() updated to display todo priority
	'+/-' menu added to handle todo priorities

30 Aug 2006:
	'id' added to todo_s structure
	load_todo() and save_cal() updated to take this id into account
	moved add_todo() from calcurse.c to todo_new_item() in todo.c
	bugfix: pressing 'R' while no item was selected caused a segfault.
	Thanks to Chris for reporting that bug

26 Aug 2006: 1.5

25 Aug 2006:
	io.c: fixed a data format bug in load_app()
	day.c: events and appointments are now sorted properly	

24 Aug 2006:
	bugfix in recur.c: forgot to wait for user's key pressed...
	repeat command disabled for todo panel
	switched to version number 1.5 in configure.ac and manpage
	html manuals thanks section updated

23 Aug 2006:
	independant status bar created for the todo panel
	bugfix: memory allocation problem in day.c
	online help text updated for the repeat and delete commands

22 Aug 2006:
	recur.c: compilation warnings corrected
	calcurse.c: screen refreshing process ameliorated in add_item()

21 Aug 2006:
	English and German translation added

19 Aug 2006:
	bugfix: in io.c, a bug could cause a fatal error when loading from file
	an endless recurrent item with non-repeated days 
	bugfix: in recur.c, fixed a bug which could result in an infinite loop
	when saving multiple days 
	bugfix: in calcurse.c, a newly created appointment or event is now
	correctly highlighted
	recur_repeat_item() updated to check if the frequence is valid	

16 Aug 2006:
	recur_exc_scan() created
	recur_event_new() and recur_apoint_new() updated to take non-repeated
	days into account

06 Aug 2006:
	recur_item_inday() updated to take non-repeated days into account
	recur_repeat_item() and day_get_item() created
	'R' menu key added to repeat an event or an appointment

02 Aug 2006:
	bugfix: Debian bug #377543 fixed, thanks to Neil for reporting it
	recur_event_erase(), recur_apoint_erase() and recur_write_exc() created
	recur_event_write() and recur_apoint_write() updated to call
	    recur_writ_exc() if there are exceptions to be written
	day_erase_item() and del_item() updated
	ESCAPE key definition added

01 Aug 2006:
	day.h: MAX_TYPES added
	day_erase_item() created
	del_apoint() renamed to del_item and updated to take recurrent
	items into account 

27 Jul 2006:
	back to work after my ibook's logic board crash :(
	autogen.sh created

25 Jun 2006:
	app_arg() updated to take recurrent items into account
	recur_apoint_s2apoint_s() created
	added help text concerning possible formats to be entered when using 
	'-h' flag in non-interactive mode
	fixed a bug related to localtime() which returns a statically
	allocated structure that can be overwritten by subsequent calls
	to the function (which was the case with recurrent items) 
	load_app(), recur_event_scan(), recur_apoint_scan(), recur_item_inday(),
	recur_event_write() and recur_apoint_write() updated to take endless 
	recurrent items into account

24 Jun 2006:
	cvs keywords added inside source files
	apoint_sec2str() and display_item_date() modified to take recurrent
	items into account	
	day_check_if_item() created

18 Jun 2006:
	day_store_recur_events() and day_store_recur_apoints() created
	recur_item_inday() created

17 Jun 2006:
	day_popup_item() created
	pointers to number_events_inday and number_apoints_inday passed to
	day_write_pad() updated to reallocate memory for day_saved_item structure

16 Jun 2006:
	free_aday() and free_eday() suppressed and replaced by day_free_list()
	day_store_items() created
	store_day() updated to call day_store_items()
	eday_store() and aday_store suppressed and replaced by day_store_events()
	and day_store_apoints()
	edayadd() and edayadd() suppressed and replaced by day_add_event()
	and day_add_apoint()
	write_app_pad() suppressed and replaced by day_write_pad()
	day_item_s2apoint_s() created

14 Jun 2006:
	day.c and day.h created to store processes related to the currently
	selected day inside calendar (this is to ease the implementation of 
	recursive items) 
	src/Makefile.am updated

08 Jun 2006:
	recur_save_data() created
	recur_char2def() created	

07 Jun 2006:
	recur_apoint_scan() and recur_event_scan() created
	load_app() updated to read recursive events from file

06 Jun 2006:
	bugfix: Debian Bug Report #369550 regarding the segfault which
	appeared when calcurse was launched in non-interactive mode without
	data files
	recur.h and recur.c added to implement recursive events
	src/Makefile.am updated
	recur_event_new()and recur_apoint_new() created
	recur_def2char(), recur_apoint_write() and recur_event_write() created

15 May 2006: 1.4
        TODO, README, manpage and manual updated
13 May 2006:
	NEWS file updated

11 May 2006:
	manual_de.html finished : many thanks to Michael Schulz
	manual_fr.html updated
08 May 2006:
	manual_en.html updated
	bugfix: added test at the end of color_config() to check the need
	of using colorization or not
07 May 2006:
        french translation finished
	manpage updated
05 May 2006:
        added LOCALEDIR definition in configure.ac
	usage_try() created
27 Apr 2006:
	removed VERSION definition from vars.h to only use the one from 
	include config.h added in calcurse.c

26 Apr 2006:
	updated exit() calls by using EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE
	end of source preparation for i18n
	replaced required confirmation string from 'yes' and 'no' to 'y' and 'n'
	'gettextization' of source package:
	  * Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): Add po.
	  (ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): New variable.
	  (EXTRA_DIST): Add config.rpath, mkinstalldirs, m4/ChangeLog.
	  * configure.ac (AC_OUTPUT): Add po/Makefile.in.
25 Apr 2006:
	updated parts related to general config variables to handle i18n:
	   general config variables type changed to boolean
	   fill_config_var() created
	   switch_option() suppressed

23 Apr 2006:
	progress_bar() modified to better fit the data file structure
	user_conf_t created to allow translation of configuration variables
22 Apr 2006:
	translatable strings marked for i18n
	manual_de.html added (german translation of calcurse manual,
	thanks to Michael Schultz)

20 Apr 2006:
	i18n.h added to prepare for internationalization
	src/Makefile.am updated
18 Apr 2006:
	code cleanup: color_config() simplified
17 Apr 2006:
	variable 'colorize' added
	color number '0' added to be able to run calcurse in black&white
	even on color terminals
16 Apr 2006:
	border_nocolor() created to correctly handle panel borders in
	non-color terminals
	'week_begins_on_monday' option added, giving the ability to change
	the first day of the week (thanks to Joe's remarks)
09 Apr 2006:
	bugfix: stderr replaced by stdout in version_arg(), help_arg(), 
	todo_arg(), app_arg(), date_arg(), arg_print_date(), usage()
	(thanks go to Soren for reporting that bug)

08 Apr 2006:
	html manual translated in french (manual_fr.html created)

05 Apr 2006:
	README file rewritten to take into account the new documentation structure

02 Apr 2006:
	support for non-color terminals added :
		window attribute levels defined in vars.h
		attribute_s structure created in custom.h
		custom_init_attr(), custom_apply_attr(), and 
		custom_remove_attr() created in custom.c
		init_vars() updated in calcurse.c 

30 Mar 2006:
	doc/ repertory created to contain calcurse documentation and its
	translations. Makefile.am updated to take the new repertory into

23 Mar 2006:
	manual_en.html created, in order to replace the actual documentation
	contained in the README file

17 Mar 2006: 1.3
	bugfix: newpad added in init_vars to correct a bug causing core dump on
	bugfix: no more wrong event duration when entering end time in [hh:mm]
	bugfix: first_todo_onscreen corrected to avoid the disappearing of 
	todo items
	updated the copyright text which appears with the -v flag
	manpage updated
	README updated
	online help updated
	TODO list updated

14 Mar 2006:
	replaced true and false #define by stdbool.h

13 Mar 2006:
	online help screens updated

09 Mar 2006:
	typedef help_page_t added to add a title to each help page
	help_screen() and write_help_pad() updated to use new help_page_t type

07 Mar 2006:
	#define true and false added in vars.h
	online help screens updated

06 Mar 2006:
	source file headers updated

26 Feb 2006:
	get_help_lines() created
	scrollbar added inside help screens

25 Feb 2006:
	help_screen() updated, now using a pad to display help screens	
	write_help_pad() created

19 Feb 2006:
	display structure updated to take into account the scrollbars  
	previous_item_mark() and next_item_mark() suppressed, scrollbar used instead
	bugfix: hilt_tod and hilt_app were not updated when deleting an item
	day_changed variable added and store_day() updated
	bugfix: pad scrolling was not updated when deleting an item in the
	appointment panel
	bugfix: scrollbar length and top position were not correct in some
18 Feb 2006:
	enum window_number created
	bugfix: start and end time now properly displayed when viewing an
	appointment in popup window
	bugfix: wrong highlited item when changing day fixed
	draw_scrollbar() created to display a real bar inside panels instead
	of 'v' and '^' marks
	update_todo_panel() and update_app_panel updated to display the scrollbar

16 Feb 2006:
	del_apoint() updated to take events into account

11 Feb 2006:
	AC_HEADR_STDBOOL added in configure.ac
	init_vars() created
	do_storage variable added to check if we really need to update the
	appointment panel items inside pad
	free_aday() and free_eday() created
09 Feb 2006:
	pad_s structure created
	get_item_line(), scroll_pad_down() and scroll_pad_up() created

05 Feb 2006:
	get_item_line() created

04 Feb 2006:
	work on the way appointment panel scrolls
	updated the way appointments are displayed in popup windows

28 Jan 2006:
	write_app_pad() improved	

26 Jan 2006:
	improved the windows refresh order in update_windows() 

25 Jan 2006:
	changed MAX_LENGTH to 512
	the pad used to display appointments has a fixed length now
14 Jan 2006:
	store_day() created to speed up the appointment panel update
	create_app_pad(), write_app_pad(), show_app_pad() created to
	improve the way appointment panel scrolls 

10 Jan 2006:
	added ifndef..define tests at the beginning of .h

08 Jan 2006:
	added definition of CTRL keys in vars.h
	added the ability to erase characters with CTRL-H when entering
	text (to fix a problem reported by Brendan who was not able to
	delete with its English keyboard)

07 Jan 2006:
	progress_bar() created in order to see progression while saving 
	data to file
	'skip_progress_bar' option added
	changed color 5 to be yellow on black and color 7 to be black on
	yellow (this is to draw the newly created progress bar)
31 Dec 2005:
	removed the -lpanel that was left in src/Makefile.am
	README updated
	add_item() and check_time() modified so that :
		o an appointment start time can now be entered in both 
		  hh:mm and h:mm formats
		o for the appointment end time, either a duration in
		  minutes or the appointment end time can be entered
	help_arg() and app_arg() updated to take events into account
	when running calcurse in non-interactive mode
	arg_print_date() created to simplify app_arg() structure

27 Dec 2005:
	work on a better way to handle appointment and todo panels with the
	use of ncurses scrolling functions

26 Dec 2005:
	bugfix: fixed compiler warnings, thanks to Uwe

11 Dec 2005:
	bugfix: fixed the January 0 bug
	bugfix: current date is no longer highlighted in every year of the
	future and the past (thanks to Michael for reporting that bug)
	improved the way items are shown inside popup windows (variable
	'show_apoint' removed, call to item_in_popup added when 'V' pressed)

10 Dec 2005:
	update_app_panel() and update_todo_panel() improved

04 Dec 2005:
	update_app_panel() updated to show events: now events are displayed
	first in the appointment panel, followed by an horizontal line
	update_cal_panel() updated to highlight days containing events 
	in calendar view 

03 Dec 2005:
	Loading of events implemented: load_app() updated
30 Nov 2005:
	Saving of events implemented 
29 Nov 2005:
	Continuation of events item implementation
	add_apts() updated (it is now called add_item) to check if 
	an appointment or an event is entered
28 Nov 2005: 
	Replaced everything related to 'event' by 'apoint' (appointments) 
	to prepare the incoming event items (meaning all-day long items)
	event.c and event.h created to deal with events
	Makefile.am updated
26 Nov 2005: 1.2
	Fixed problems with scroller() within the help screen
20 Nov 2005:
	Improved the way help screens are refreshed
	Removed call to doupdate() inside scroller(), to prevent redondancy
	config_bar() and check_data_files() updated
	'skip_system_dialogs' option added
19 Nov 2005:
	reinit_wins() created to redraw windows after resizing or layout 
	redraw_screen() improved and renamed it into get_screen_config()
	fixed cursor position (did not manage to hide it :-(
08 Nov 2005:
	changed all mvprintvw() calls to mvwprintw(), to improve the way
	calcurse interface is refreshed. 
06 Nov 2005:
	Work on window handling :
		o erase_panel() suppressed because no longer used

05 Nov 2005:
	Handling of status bar improved :
		o creation of an ncurses window instead of using stdscr
		o erase_status_bar() replaced by erase_window_part()
	cal_error() replaced by status_mesg()
03 Nov 2005:
	ncurses library use improved: screen no longer flickers when
02 Nov 2005:
	erase_window_part() written to erase parts of windows
01 Nov 2005:
	changed abbreviation for 'Wednesday' from 'Wen' to 'Wed'
	panel library removed, calcurse does not use it anymore
	work on the windows refreshing process : update_all() created
29 Oct 2005: 1.1
	source code cleaning
	version 1.1 released

25 Oct 2005:
	bugfix : Debian Bug Report #335430 regarding the GoTo today
	function which goes to the day calcurse was started instead of
	the current day is now fixed

23 Oct 2005:
	'-c' flag added to allow the use of multiple calendars
20 Oct 2005:
	manpage and README file updated
	configure.ac improved with the help of Michael

19 Oct 2005:
	'-d' flag added to list appointments for the N upcoming days or
	for a given day

15 Oct 2005:
	Cleaning up of the source code so that it follows the K&R style	
	'-t' flag added to list todos in non interactive mode
	'-a' flag added to list current day's appointments in non 
	interactive mode

13 Oct 2005:
	functions created to handle command-line arguments (written in
	args.c and args.h)
	'-h' and -'v' flag added to display help and version in non
	interactive mode

08 Oct 2005: 1.0 -> first stable release
	help screen updated
	manpage and TODO updated
06 Oct 2005:
	bugfix : Debian Bug Report #330869 regarding the October 0 which
	does not exist, is now fixed

05 Oct 2005:
	default options "auto-save", "confirm-quit", and
	"confirm-delete" set to "yes"

03 Oct 2005:
	manpage written
	README updated

13 Sep 2005: 1.0rc4
	bugfix release :
	   o  some people reported a segfault while changing general
	      options in the config screen, this no longer happens
	   o  the Makefile was not linking to proper library (-lcurse
	      instead of -lncurse), this is fixed
	   o  Calcurse no longer ends while trying to delete an event
	      which was just created (thanks to Alex's patch)
	   o  changed date format to be like September 13, 2005 instead
	      of September, 13 2005 

11 Sep 2005: 1.0rc3 -> first public release 
	adding of licence header in source files

04 Sep 2005:
	source code splitted : creation of custom.c, custom.h
	update of the Makefile
	layout_config() : previous layout is now saved to restore it if
	no choice is made
	color_config() : previous colour is also saved as in

31 Aug 2005:
	source code splitted : creation of vars.c, vars.h, io.c, io.h,
	help.c, help.h
	update of the Makefile
	modification of the cal_error function

30 Aug 2005:
	source code splitted : creation of calendar.c & calendar.h,
	update of the Makefile

29 Aug 2005:
	source code splitted : creation of utils.c & utils.h, update of
	the Makefile

03 Jul 2005:
	redraw_screen() created for initialization of screen
	draw_screen() optimization for slow machine

02 Jul 2005 :
	help screen updated
	is_all_digit() created to check if a string is made of digits
	check_event_time() created to check a new appointment time format
	bugfixes -> 
	  when 'G' pressed, no crash when invalid day is entered
 	  when 'V' pressed, no crash when no event is highlited
	  Calcurse is now started in calendar view
	  scrolling problems fixed in app or todo view
	  first event is highlited if it is the first time a panel is visited
	  check if an new appointment format is valid
	  we can now move from year to year in calendar view
	  config screen is ok in OpenBSD too now
26 Jun 2005 : 1.0rc2
	translation of the Changelog
	writing of the README file
	comments in the code
	use of gnu autotools for building CalCurse package
	-> CalCurse v1.0rc2

19 Jun 2005 :
	scroller() improvement : the line is cut at the end of the last word,
	not in the middle of it, and the 'next page' and 'previous page'
	function was added
	bug concerning the event printing in popup windows solved

18 Jun 2005 :
	help improved

17 Jun 2005 :
	writing of a function to erase appointments

14 Jun 2005 :
	writing of a function to erase todo events
	adding of the confirm_delete variable

12 Jun 2005 :
	improvement of the status bar, it is now dependant of the terminal
	adding of the terminal minimum size test
	adding of a scrolling function in the ToDo panel if there is more
	events than the panel lines
	creation of the ~/.calcurse repertory if it does not exist when
	CalCurse is launched

04 Jun 2005 :
	colorization of the selected event
	view function created to print out an event in a popup window (ok for
	ToDo events)
	active panel is now colorized

26 May 2005 :
	update_todo_panel() now improved :) (3 dots are added at the end of
	the event if it is longer than the panel size)
	erase_tod() created to erase the todo panel
	erase_tod(), erase_app() and erase_cal() linked in one single function
	: erase_panel()
	popup() created to print a popup window

25 May 2005 :
	tries for improving update_todo_panel() :(

18 May 2005 :
	changing of the status bar (different bars for calendar and other

14 May 2005 :
	possibility to change the selected panel with TAB key

12 May 2005 :
	scroller() improved

20 Apr 2005 :
	scroller() function created
	help screen improved, with scroller description

10 Apr 2005 :
	the bug concerning the erasing of calendar lines is solved : a
	refresh() was missing :(
	-> CalCurse testing version is now almost over :)

08 Apr 2005:
	help menu improved, with a description for each possible action in

07 Apr 2005 :
	adding of the auto-save and auto-confirm variables with tests when
	quitting Calcurse
	adding of general options in the config menu (auto-save and
	confirm-quit added)
	writing of general_config(), print_general_options(), switch_options
	and print_option_incolor()
	improvement of functions to read and save user config, to take those
	two new options into account

02 Apr 2005 : 1.0rc1
	test function (e key) suppressed
	add_apts() finished
	goto_day() finished (we can now enter any day to go to)
	-> CalCurse v. 1.0rc1 ;)

01 Apr 2005 :
	work with Alex :
		ToDo events are put in right order
		writing of todo.h and todo.c
		writing of date2sec()
		improvement of the function to create and print the
		Appointments, which are now put in right order
		writing of event_delete_bynum()
		writing of a function to colorize a day which contains an
		improvement of the Makefile

27 Mar 2005 :
	do_modifs_todo() finished : the ToDo events are now properly erased

06 Mar 2005 :
	improvements of do_modifs_todo()

05 Mar 2005 :
	extract_data() created to read the user conf from file
	extract_todo() becomes extract_data()
	-> the user config is now properly read

03 Mar 2005 :
	load_conf() created to load the user config

02 Mar 2005 :
	improvement of save_cal() to save the user configuration
	(creation of the file .calcurse/conf, update of check_data_files)

01 Mar 2005 :
	improvement of do_modifs_todo()
	writing of the test function (when 'e' is pressed)

27 Feb 2005:
	layout_config() finished	
	adding of the GPL licence

26 Feb 2005:
	adding of the layout variable
	writing of layout_config() started

25 Feb 2005 :
	adding of a DEFINE for version number
	creation of the help page
	creation of the configuration menu, with color changing for now on

15 Mar 2004:
	beginning of the project