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<h2 id="faq">Frequently Asked Questions</h2>
- <dt>How do I create recurrent appointments?</dt>
+ <dt>How do I create recurring appointments?</dt>
Create a normal appointment, then use the <tt>repeat</tt> key binding
- (defaults to <tt>r</tt>) to convert it into a recurrent item.
+ (defaults to <tt>r</tt>) to convert it into a recurring item.
<dt>Can I synchronize <tt>calcurse</tt> with other calendar software?</dt>
<tt>calcurse</tt> support iCal imports and exports. Any application
supporting these formats can be synchronized by using a simple script.
- CalDAV support is on our TODO list.
+ For experimental CalDAV support, check out the <tt>master</tt> branch of
+ our <a href="/devel/#source">Git repository</a>.
<dt>Is it possible to get rid of the messages confirming loaded/saved data?</dt>
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<h2 id="doc">Documentation</h2>
- You can get prebuilt documentation for the latest release here:
+ You can get pre-built documentation for the latest release here: