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* Merge branch 'maint'Lukas Fleischer2011-07-301-0/+11
| * Update the notification item in day_edit_item()Lukas Fleischer2011-07-291-0/+11
* | Refactor out note functionsLukas Fleischer2011-07-211-22/+3
* | Add day_pipe_item() functionLukas Fleischer2011-07-051-0/+55
* | Use constant for maximum UTF-8 character sizeLukas Fleischer2011-07-021-1/+1
* | Make display_item() UTF-8 compatibleLukas Fleischer2011-06-291-6/+15
* Do not try to display items with negative widthLukas Fleischer2011-06-281-0/+3
* Update copyright notices in source files, documentation and "COPYING".Lukas Fleischer2011-04-221-1/+1
* Return -1 in io_file_is_empty() if file cannot be accessed.Lukas Fleischer2011-04-221-1/+1
* Use generic lists for recurring apointments and events.Lukas Fleischer2011-04-191-56/+40
* Use generic lists for generic day items.Lukas Fleischer2011-04-191-100/+88
* Use generic lists for events.Lukas Fleischer2011-04-191-11/+7
* Use generic lists for appointments.Lukas Fleischer2011-04-191-35/+30
* Drop empty notes after editing.Lukas Fleischer2011-04-121-0/+3
* Compare pointers to "NULL" instead of "0".Lukas Fleischer2011-04-051-14/+14
* Remove dead assignments spotted by clang-analyzer.Lukas Fleischer2011-04-031-13/+5
* Overall indentation fixes.Lukas Fleischer2011-03-141-272/+272
* Update website links to match the new URL.Lukas Fleischer2011-03-041-1/+1
* Update mail addresses to match the new mailing lists.Lukas Fleischer2011-03-041-1/+1
* Remove date_sec2hour_str() from "utils.c".Lukas Fleischer2011-03-041-1/+1
* Remove CVS "$Id" headers.Lukas Fleischer2011-03-031-2/+0
* Fixed file permissions.Lukas Fleischer2011-03-031-0/+0
* Make parse_date accept several short forms.Lukas Fleischer2011-01-111-2/+2
* All headers gathered into a single one. Typedefs suppressed.Frederic Culot2010-03-201-64/+66
* Bugfix in the way time slices are filled.Frederic Culot2009-10-161-5/+11
* More work on the weekly calendar view.Frederic Culot2009-10-081-1/+66
* stdbool header removed, unsigned type used insteadFrederic Culot2009-07-121-5/+5
* Switch to BSD license.Frederic Culot2009-07-051-14/+26
* more code cleanupFrederic Culot2009-01-031-51/+34
* code cleanupFrederic Culot2009-01-021-10/+10
* various bugfixesFrederic Culot2009-01-021-3/+3
* cut/paste feature adedFrederic Culot2009-01-011-4/+70
* Automatic periodic saves implementedFrederic Culot2008-12-281-2/+2
* Added wrappers around libc's memory management functions, to easily debug mem...Frederic Culot2008-12-281-38/+53
* small bugfixes and a major one (freeze when deleting an appointment's note, t...Frederic Culot2008-12-151-4/+8
* code cleanupFrederic Culot2008-12-121-4/+2
* color configuration menu adapted to handle user-defined key bindingsFrederic Culot2008-12-081-7/+7
* Checks added while loading key bindings configuration.Frederic Culot2008-12-071-11/+11
* More work on implementing user-definable keybindingsFrederic Culot2008-11-161-17/+18
* some memory leaks fixed using valgrind and some minor code cleanupFrederic Culot2008-04-191-6/+3
* Yet another style for source code. GNU style now used (I am fed up with tabs...)Frederic Culot2008-04-121-685/+747
* Tony's patch concerning date format configuration importedFrederic Culot2008-04-091-16/+18
* Code parts related to item update rewrittenFrederic Culot2008-01-201-215/+231
* minor improvements and bugfixesFrederic Culot2008-01-171-11/+16
* Ability to attach notes to appointments and events addedFrederic Culot2008-01-131-56/+151
* Ability to attach notes to todo items addedFrederic Culot2007-12-301-8/+66
* routines updated to handle new window_t and window_e typesFrederic Culot2007-10-211-15/+15
* day_edit_item() updated to use apoint_hilt()Frederic Culot2007-08-151-2/+4
* memory leak fixed in day_item_s2apoint_s()Frederic Culot2007-08-041-14/+8
* error handling while in ncurses mode improvedFrederic Culot2007-08-041-5/+4