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-# $calcurse: nl.po,v 1.3 2007/10/23 17:49:37 culot Exp $
+# $calcurse: nl.po,v 1.4 2008/03/02 08:50:17 culot Exp $
# Dutch translations for calcurse package.
-# Copyright (C) 2007 Jeremy Roon <p.roon@chello.nl>
+# Copyright (C) 2007-2008 Jeremy Roon <p.roon@chello.nl>
# This file is distributed under the same license as the calcurse package.
# Frederic Culot <frederic@culot.org>, 2006-2007.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
-"Project-Id-Version: calcurse 1.9\n"
+"Project-Id-Version: calcurse 2.0\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: frederic@culot.org\n"
-"POT-Creation-Date: 2007-10-21 15:46+0200\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2008-02-16 12:26+0100\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2007-01-06 13:52+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Jeremy Roon\n"
"Language-Team: Jeremy Roon <p.roon@chello.nl>\n"
@@ -18,49 +18,53 @@ msgstr ""
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n > 1);\n"
-#: src/apoint.c:116
+#: src/apoint.c:117
msgid ""
"Enter start time ([hh:mm] or [h:mm]), leave blank for an all-day event : "
msgstr ""
"Voer aanvangstijd in ([hh:mm] of [h:mm]), laat leeg voor de gehele dag:"
-#: src/apoint.c:117
+#: src/apoint.c:118
msgid "Enter end time ([hh:mm] or [h:mm]) or duration (in minutes) : "
msgstr "Voer de eindtijd in ([hh:mm] of [h:mm]) of duur (in minuten) :"
-#: src/apoint.c:118
+#: src/apoint.c:119
msgid "Enter description :"
msgstr "Voer beschrijving in :"
-#: src/apoint.c:119
+#: src/apoint.c:120
msgid "You entered an invalid start time, should be [h:mm] or [hh:mm]"
msgstr "De aanvangstijd is ongeldig! Formaat kan [h:mm] of [hh:mm] zijn"
-#: src/apoint.c:120
+#: src/apoint.c:121
msgid "You entered an invalid end time, should be [h:mm] or [hh:mm] or [mm]"
msgstr "De eindtijd is ongeldig! Formaat kan [h:mm] of [hh:mm] of [mm] zijn"
-#: src/apoint.c:121 src/day.c:435 src/day.c:487
+#: src/apoint.c:122 src/day.c:500 src/day.c:525 src/day.c:583
msgid "Press [Enter] to continue"
msgstr "Druk op [Enter] om door te gaan)"
-#: src/apoint.c:214
+#: src/apoint.c:215
msgid "Do you really want to delete this item ?"
msgstr "Wilt u werkelijk dit item wissen ?"
-#: src/apoint.c:215
+#: src/apoint.c:216
msgid "FATAL ERROR in apoint_delete: no such type\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in apoint_delete: Type bestaat niet\n"
-#: src/apoint.c:357 src/recur.c:233
+#: src/apoint.c:359 src/recur.c:239
msgid "FATAL ERROR in apoint_scan: date error in the appointment\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in apoint_scan: datafout in de afspraak\n"
-#: src/apoint.c:392
+#: src/apoint.c:381
+msgid "FATAL ERROR in apoint_get: no such item\n"
+msgstr "FATALE FOUT in apoint_get: item bestaat niet\n"
+#: src/apoint.c:421
msgid "FATAL ERROR in apoint_delete_bynum: no such appointment"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in apoint_delete_bynum: Afspraak bestaat niet"
-#: src/apoint.c:569
+#: src/apoint.c:573
msgid "FATAL ERROR in apoint_switch_notify: no such appointment"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in apoint_switch_notify: Afspraak bestaat niet"
@@ -219,9 +223,11 @@ msgid ""
"The day you entered is not valid (should be between 01/01/1902 and "
msgstr ""
+"De ingevoerde datum is ongeldig (voer datum tussen 01/01/1902 en 12/31/2037) "
-#: src/calendar.c:344 src/custom.c:211 src/io.c:394 src/io.c:679 src/io.c:766
-#: src/io.c:785
+#: src/calendar.c:344 src/custom.c:211 src/io.c:401 src/io.c:707 src/io.c:816
+#: src/io.c:835
msgid "Press [ENTER] to continue"
msgstr "Druk op [ENTER] om door te gaan)"
@@ -317,171 +323,184 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "('0' for no color, 'Q' to exit) :"
msgstr "('0' voor geen kleur, 'Q' voor einde) :"
-#: src/custom.c:454
+#: src/custom.c:455
#, c-format
msgid "CalCurse %s | color theme"
msgstr "Calcurse %s | kleurschema"
-#: src/custom.c:642
+#: src/custom.c:644
msgid "FATAL ERROR in custom_color_theme_name: unknown color\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in custom_color_theme_name: kleur onbekend\n"
-#: src/custom.c:670
+#: src/custom.c:672
msgid "auto_save = "
msgstr "automatisch_opslaan = "
-#: src/custom.c:671
+#: src/custom.c:673
msgid "confirm_quit = "
msgstr "einde_bevestigen = "
-#: src/custom.c:672
+#: src/custom.c:674
msgid "confirm_delete = "
msgstr "bevestig_verwijderen= "
-#: src/custom.c:673
+#: src/custom.c:675
msgid "skip_system_dialogs = "
msgstr "overslaan_systeem_dialoog = "
-#: src/custom.c:674
+#: src/custom.c:676
msgid "skip_progress_bar = "
msgstr "overslaan_progressie_balk = "
-#: src/custom.c:675
+#: src/custom.c:677
msgid "week_begins_on_monday = "
msgstr "week_begint_op_maandag = "
-#: src/custom.c:684
+#: src/custom.c:686
msgid "(if set to YES, automatic save is done when quitting)"
msgstr "(Bij JA, wordt er automatisch opgeslagen bij einde programma)"
-#: src/custom.c:690
+#: src/custom.c:692
msgid "(if set to YES, confirmation is required before quitting)"
msgstr "(Bij JA, wordt er een bevestiging gevraagd bij eindigen programma"
-#: src/custom.c:696
+#: src/custom.c:698
msgid "(if set to YES, confirmation is required before deleting an event)"
msgstr "(Bij JA, is een bevestiging nodig voor het wissen van een gebeurtenis)"
-#: src/custom.c:702
+#: src/custom.c:704
msgid ""
"(if set to YES, messages about loaded and saved data will not be displayed)"
msgstr ""
"(Bij JA, worden geen mededelingen getoond bij het laden/opslaan van data)"
-#: src/custom.c:708
+#: src/custom.c:710
msgid "(if set to YES, progress bar will not be displayed when saving data)"
msgstr "(Bij JA, wordt geen progressiebalk getoond bij het opslaan van data)"
-#: src/custom.c:714
+#: src/custom.c:716
msgid "(if set to YES, monday is the first day of the week, else it is sunday)"
msgstr "(Bij JA, is maandag de eerste weekdag, anders zondag)"
-#: src/custom.c:726 src/notify.c:500
+#: src/custom.c:728 src/notify.c:505
msgid "Enter an option number to change its value [Q to quit] "
msgstr "Geef een nummer om de waarde te veranderen [Q om te stoppen]"
-#: src/custom.c:731
+#: src/custom.c:733
#, c-format
msgid "CalCurse %s | general options"
msgstr "CalCurse %s | algemene Opties"
-#: src/day.c:376
+#: src/day.c:438
msgid "FATAL ERROR in day_popup_item: unknown item type\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in day_popup_item: onbekend itemtype\n"
-#: src/day.c:379
+#: src/day.c:441
msgid "Event :"
msgstr "Gebeurtenis :"
-#: src/day.c:383
+#: src/day.c:445
msgid "Appointment :"
msgstr "Afspraak :"
-#: src/day.c:434
+#: src/day.c:499
msgid "Enter the new time ([hh:mm] or [h:mm]) : "
msgstr "Voer nieuwe tijd in: ([hh:mm] of [h:mm]):"
-#: src/day.c:437
+#: src/day.c:502
msgid "You entered an invalid time, should be [h:mm] or [hh:mm]"
msgstr "Ongeldige tijd ingevoerd! Mogelijke formaten zijn: [h:mm] of [hh:mm]"
-#: src/day.c:474
-msgid "Edit: (1)Start time, (2)End time or (3)Description?"
-msgstr "Wijzig: (1)Aanvang (2)Einde of (3)Beschrijving?"
-#: src/day.c:477
-msgid "Edit: (1)Start time, (2)End time, (3)Description or (4)Repetition?"
-msgstr "Wijzig: (1)Aanvang (2)Einde (3)Beschrijving of (4)Herhaling"
-#: src/day.c:479
-msgid "Edit: (1)Description or (2)Repetition?"
-msgstr "Wijzig: (1)Beschrijving of (2)Herhaling"
-#: src/day.c:482 src/recur.c:593
-msgid "The entered date is not valid."
-msgstr "De ingevoerde datum is ongeldig."
-#: src/day.c:484 src/recur.c:595
-msgid "Possible formats are [mm/dd/yyyy] or '0' for an endless repetetition"
-msgstr "Mogelijk formaat is: [mm/dd/jjjj] of '0' voor oneindig."
-#: src/day.c:486
+#: src/day.c:524 src/day.c:579
msgid "Invalid time: start time must be before end time!"
msgstr "Ongeldige tijd: aanvangstijd moet voor eindtijd zijn!"
-#: src/day.c:488
+#: src/day.c:562
msgid "Enter the new item description:"
msgstr "Voer een nieuwe beschrijving in:"
-#: src/day.c:490
+#: src/day.c:574
msgid "Enter the new repetition type: (D)aily, (W)eekly, (M)onthly, (Y)early"
msgstr ""
"Voer type herhaling in: (D)agelijks, (W)ekelijks, (M)aandelijks, (Y) "
-#: src/day.c:491 src/recur.c:586
+#: src/day.c:576 src/recur.c:615
msgid "[D/W/M/Y] "
msgstr "[D/W/M/Y]"
-#: src/day.c:492
-msgid "Enter the new repetition frequence:"
-msgstr "Voer herhalingsinterval in:"
-#: src/day.c:493 src/recur.c:590
+#: src/day.c:577 src/recur.c:619
msgid "The frequence you entered is not valid."
msgstr "Het ingevoerde interval is ongeldig."
-#: src/day.c:495
+#: src/day.c:580 src/recur.c:622
+msgid "The entered date is not valid."
+msgstr "De ingevoerde datum is ongeldig."
+#: src/day.c:581 src/recur.c:624
+msgid "Possible formats are [mm/dd/yyyy] or '0' for an endless repetetition"
+msgstr "Mogelijk formaat is: [mm/dd/jjjj] of '0' voor oneindig."
+#: src/day.c:600
+msgid "Enter the new repetition frequence:"
+msgstr "Voer herhalingsinterval in:"
+#: src/day.c:618
msgid "Enter the new ending date: [mm/dd/yyyy] or '0'"
msgstr "Nieuw einde van de herhaling: [mm/dd/jjjj] of '0' voor oneindig"
-#: src/day.c:677
+#: src/day.c:692
+msgid "Edit: (1)Description or (2)Repetition?"
+msgstr "Wijzig: (1)Beschrijving of (2)Herhaling"
+#: src/day.c:714
+msgid "Edit: (1)Start time, (2)End time, (3)Description or (4)Repetition?"
+msgstr "Wijzig: (1)Aanvang (2)Einde (3)Beschrijving of (4)Herhaling"
+#: src/day.c:738
+msgid "Edit: (1)Start time, (2)End time or (3)Description?"
+msgstr "Wijzig: (1)Aanvang (2)Einde of (3)Beschrijving?"
+#: src/day.c:770
msgid "This item is recurrent. Delete (a)ll occurences or just this (o)ne ?"
msgstr ""
"Dit is een herhalende afspraak. (a)lle afspraken of alleen (o) deze wissen ?"
-#: src/day.c:680
+#: src/day.c:773
+msgid "This item has a note attached to it. Delete (i)tem or just its (n)ote ?"
+msgstr ""
+"Dit item heeft een bijgesloten noot. (i)tem wissen of alleen de (n)oot?"
+#: src/day.c:775
+msgid "[i/n] "
+msgstr "[i/n]"
+#: src/day.c:776
msgid "[a/o] "
msgstr "[a/o]"
-#: src/event.c:109
+#: src/event.c:113
msgid "FATAL ERROR in event_scan: date error in the event\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in event_scan: datumfout in afspraak\n"
-#: src/event.c:137
+#: src/event.c:135
+msgid "FATAL ERROR in event_get: no such item\n"
+msgstr "FATALE FOUT in event_get: item bestaat niet\n"
+#: src/event.c:166
msgid "FATAL ERROR in event_delete_bynum: no such event\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in event_delete_bynum: Gebeurtenis bestaat niet\n"
-#: src/help.c:107
+#: src/help.c:109
#, c-format
msgid "CalCurse %s | help"
msgstr "Calcurse %s | Hulp"
-#: src/help.c:257
+#: src/help.c:267
msgid " Welcome to Calcurse. This is the main help screen.\n"
msgstr " Welkom in Calcurse. Dit is het centrale hulpscherm.\n"
-#: src/help.c:259
+#: src/help.c:269
msgid ""
" Moving around: Press CTRL-P or CTRL-N to scroll text upward or\n"
" downward inside help screens, if necessary.\n"
@@ -514,11 +533,11 @@ msgstr ""
" Auteurs: Druk op '@' om de auteurs van Calcurse te zien."
-#: src/help.c:272
+#: src/help.c:282
msgid "Save:\n"
msgstr "Opslaan:\n"
-#: src/help.c:274
+#: src/help.c:284
msgid ""
"Pressing 'S' saves the Calcurse data.\n"
@@ -544,11 +563,11 @@ msgstr ""
"In het venster instellingen kan een optie gekozen worden, \n"
"die de data automatisch opslaat bij het verlaten van Calcurse."
-#: src/help.c:284
+#: src/help.c:294
msgid "Export:\n"
msgstr "Exporteren:\n"
-#: src/help.c:286
+#: src/help.c:296
msgid ""
"Pressing 'X' exports the Calcurse data to iCalendar format.\n"
@@ -570,11 +589,11 @@ msgstr ""
"Alle data wordt geŽxporteerd, in deze volgorde:\n"
"gebeurtenissen, afspraken, taken.\n"
-#: src/help.c:293
+#: src/help.c:303
msgid "Displacement keys:\n"
msgstr "Navigatietoetsen:\n"
-#: src/help.c:295
+#: src/help.c:305
msgid ""
"You can use either 'H','J','K','L' or the arrow keys '<','v','^','>'\n"
"to move into the calendar.\n"
@@ -606,11 +625,11 @@ msgstr ""
"de op-en-neer toetsen (resp. k of pijl-omhoog, en j of pijl-beneden)\n"
"een item uit de lijst kiezen."
-#: src/help.c:307
+#: src/help.c:317
msgid "View:\n"
msgstr "Bekijk:\n"
-#: src/help.c:309
+#: src/help.c:319
msgid ""
"Pressing 'V' allows you to view the item you select in either the ToDo\n"
"or Appointment panel.\n"
@@ -636,11 +655,11 @@ msgstr ""
"Druk op een willekeurige toets om dit venster te sluiten en terug te \n"
"keren naar het standaard Calcurse venster."
-#: src/help.c:319
+#: src/help.c:329
msgid "Tab:\n"
msgstr "Tab:\n"
-#: src/help.c:321
+#: src/help.c:331
msgid ""
"Pressing 'Tab' allows you to switch between panels.\n"
"The panel currently in use has its border colorized.\n"
@@ -665,11 +684,11 @@ msgstr ""
"acties mee verandert, zodat altijd te zien is, welke acties gedaan kunnen \n"
"worden in het actieve panel."
-#: src/help.c:331
+#: src/help.c:341
msgid "Goto:\n"
msgstr "Ga naar:\n"
-#: src/help.c:333
+#: src/help.c:343
msgid ""
"Pressing 'G' allows you to jump to a specific day in the calendar.\n"
@@ -685,11 +704,11 @@ msgstr ""
"Indien men op [ENTER] drukt zonder een datum te geven, zal Calcurse \n"
"naar de huidige dag gaan die op het systeem is insteld."
-#: src/help.c:339
+#: src/help.c:349
msgid "Delete:\n"
msgstr "Wissen:\n"
-#: src/help.c:341
+#: src/help.c:351
msgid ""
"Pressing 'D' deletes an element in the ToDo or Appointment list.\n"
@@ -719,11 +738,11 @@ msgstr ""
"Vergeet niet om de kalenderdata op te slaan, als je de veranderingen \n"
"wilt behouden."
-#: src/help.c:353
+#: src/help.c:363
msgid "Add:\n"
msgstr "Toevoegen:\n"
-#: src/help.c:355
+#: src/help.c:365
msgid ""
"Pressing 'A' allows you to add an item in either the ToDo or Appointment\n"
"list, depending on which panel is selected when you press 'A'.\n"
@@ -790,11 +809,11 @@ msgstr ""
" o vergeet niet kalenderdata op te slaan, als de nieuwe items voor\n"
" de volgende start van Calcurse behouden moeten blijven."
-#: src/help.c:386
+#: src/help.c:396
msgid "Edit Item:\n"
msgstr "Item wijzigen:\n"
-#: src/help.c:388
+#: src/help.c:398
msgid ""
"Pressing 'E' allows you to edit the item which is currently selected.\n"
"Depending on the item type (appointment, event, or todo), and if it is\n"
@@ -829,11 +848,89 @@ msgstr ""
" o vergeet niet kalenderdata op te slaan, als de nieuwe items voor\n"
" de volgende start van Calcurse behouden moeten blijven."
-#: src/help.c:403
+#: src/help.c:413
+msgid "EditNote:\n"
+msgstr "WzgNoot:\n"
+#: src/help.c:415
+msgid ""
+"Pressing 'N' allows you to attach a note to any type of item, or to\n"
+"edit an already existing note.\n"
+"This feature is useful if you do not have enough space to store all\n"
+"of your item description, or if you would like to add sub-tasks to an\n"
+"already existing todo item for example.\n"
+"Before pressing the 'N' key, you first need to highlight the item you\n"
+"want the note to be attached to. Then you will be driven to an\n"
+"external editor to edit your note. This editor is chosen the following\n"
+" o if the 'VISUAL' environment variable is set, then this will be\n"
+" the default editor to be called.\n"
+" o if 'VISUAL' is not set, then the 'EDITOR' environment variable\n"
+" will be used as the default editor.\n"
+" o if none of the above environment variables is set, then\n"
+" '/usr/bin/vi' will be used.\n"
+"Once the item note is edited and saved, quit your favorite editor.\n"
+"You will then go back to Calcurse, and the '>' sign will appear in front\n"
+"of the highlighted item, meaning there is a note attached to it."
+msgstr ""
+"Druk op 'N' om een noot bij elk type item bij te sluiten, of om een\n"
+"reeds bestaande noot te wijzigen.\n"
+"Dit is handig indien er niet genoeg ruimte is, om een item met een lange\n"
+"beschrijving op te slaan, of om bv. een sub-taak aan een reeds bestaande\n"
+"taak toe te voegen.\n"
+"Selecteer eerst het item om de noot bij te sluiten, alvorens op 'N' te\n"
+"drukken. Er wordt een externe editor opgestart om uw noot te wijzigen.\n"
+"Welke editor wordt gestart, hangt af van de volgende factoren:\n"
+"\to Indien de 'VISUAL' omgevingsvariabele is ingesteld, dan zal\n"
+"\t dit de standaard editor zijn die wordt aangeroepen.\n"
+"\to Indien 'VISUAL' niet is ingesteld, wordt de 'EDITOR'\n"
+"\t omgevingsvariabele gebruikt als standaard editor.\n"
+"\to Als geen van bovenstaande variabelen is ingesteld, zal\n"
+"\t '/usr/bin/vi' worden gebruikt.\n"
+"Zodra de noot is gewijzigd en opgeslagen, sluit dan de editor af.\n"
+"Je keert dan terug naar Calcurse, en er zal een '>' verschijnen voor\n"
+"het geselecteerde item, wat betekent dat er een noot bijgesloten is."
+#: src/help.c:434
+msgid "ViewNote:\n"
+msgstr "BekijkNoot:\n"
+#: src/help.c:436
+msgid ""
+"Pressing the '>' key allows you to view a note which was previously\n"
+"attached to an item (an item which owns a note has a '>' sign in front\n"
+"of it). This command only permits to view the note, not to\n"
+"edit it (to do so, use the 'EditNote' command, using the 'N' key).\n"
+"Once you highlighted an item with a note attached to it, and the 'N' key\n"
+"was pressed, you will be driven to an external pager to view that note.\n"
+"The default pager is chosen the following way:\n"
+" o if the 'PAGER' environment variable is set, then this will be\n"
+" the default viewer to be called.\n"
+" o if the above environment variable is not set, then\n"
+" '/usr/bin/less' will be used.\n"
+"As for the 'N' key, quit the pager and you will be driven back to\n"
+msgstr ""
+"Druk op '>' om een bijgesloten noot te bekijken (een item heeft een noot\n"
+"bijgesloten als het wordt voorafgegaan door een '>'). Het is met '>'\n"
+"alleen mogelijk om de noot te bekijken (maak gebruik van 'WzgNoot' of de\n"
+"'N' toets om de noot te wijzigen).\n"
+"Als je op 'N' drukt, terwijl een item met een noot geselecteerd is, zal\n"
+"de noot weergegeven worden door een externe pager.\n"
+"Welke pager wordt gebruikt, hangt af van het volgende:\n"
+"\to indien de 'PAGER' omgevingsvariabele is ingesteld, zal deze\n"
+"\t worden gebruikt om de noot weer te geven\n"
+"\to Als de bovenstaande omgevingsvariabele niet is ingesteld, zal\n"
+"\t er gebruik gemaakt worden van '/usr/bin/less'.\n"
+"Als de pager wordt afgesloten, keer je terug naar Calcurse."
+#: src/help.c:450
msgid "Priority:\n"
msgstr "Prioriteit:\n"
-#: src/help.c:405
+#: src/help.c:452
msgid ""
"Pressing '+' or '-' allows you to change the priority of the currently\n"
"selected item in the ToDo list. Priorities are represented by the number\n"
@@ -864,11 +961,11 @@ msgstr ""
"'-' te drukken. Ook hier kan de plaats van de taak veranderen, afhankelijk \n"
"van de prioriteiten van de onderstaande taken."
-#: src/help.c:417
+#: src/help.c:464
msgid "Repeat:\n"
msgstr "Herhalen:\n"
-#: src/help.c:419
+#: src/help.c:466
msgid ""
"Pressing 'R' allows you to repeat an event or an appointment. You must\n"
"first select the item to be repeated by moving inside the appointment\n"
@@ -926,11 +1023,11 @@ msgstr ""
" schema's gemaakt worden, omdat het mogelijk is om slechts \n"
" een herhaling van meerdere herhaalde items te wissen."
-#: src/help.c:443
+#: src/help.c:490
msgid "Flag Item:\n"
msgstr "Vlag Item:\n"
-#: src/help.c:445
+#: src/help.c:492
msgid ""
"Pressing '!' toggles an appointment's 'important' flag.\n"
@@ -950,11 +1047,11 @@ msgstr ""
"om de gebruiker te waarschuwen over de op handen zijnde afspraak, en hoe \n"
"lang van te voren dit gebeurt."
-#: src/help.c:453
+#: src/help.c:500
msgid "Config:\n"
msgstr "Instellingen:\n"
-#: src/help.c:455
+#: src/help.c:502
msgid ""
"Pressing 'C' leads to the configuration submenu, from which you can\n"
"select between color, layout, and general options.\n"
@@ -988,11 +1085,11 @@ msgstr ""
"Vergeet niet kalenderdata op te slaan, als de nieuwe configuratie voor\n"
"de volgende start van Calcurse behouden moeten blijven."
-#: src/help.c:466
+#: src/help.c:513
msgid "General keybindings:\n"
msgstr "Algemene toetsen:\n"
-#: src/help.c:468
+#: src/help.c:515
msgid ""
"Some of the keybindings apply whatever panel is selected. They are\n"
"called general keybinding and involve the <CONTROL> key, which is\n"
@@ -1028,11 +1125,11 @@ msgstr ""
" '^K' : -1 week -> Ga naar de vorige week\n"
" '^J' : +1 week -> Ga naar de volgende week"
-#: src/help.c:484
+#: src/help.c:531
msgid "OtherCmd:\n"
msgstr "AndereCmd:\n"
-#: src/help.c:486
+#: src/help.c:533
msgid ""
"Pressing 'O' allows you to switch between status bar help pages.\n"
"Because the terminal screen is too narrow to display all of the\n"
@@ -1048,11 +1145,11 @@ msgstr ""
"Zodra het laatste scherm is bereikt, ga je naar het eerste scherm \n"
"terug, als er weer op 'O' wordt gedrukt."
-#: src/help.c:493
+#: src/help.c:540
msgid "Calcurse - text-based organizer"
msgstr "Calcurse - tekst-gebaseerde organizer"
-#: src/help.c:495
+#: src/help.c:542
msgid ""
"Copyright (c) 2004-2007 Frederic Culot\n"
@@ -1086,87 +1183,92 @@ msgstr ""
"Zendt kritiek of commentaar aan : calcurse@culot.org\n"
"Calcurse Homepage : http://culot.org/calcurse"
-#: src/io.c:58
+#: src/io.c:59
msgid "Saving..."
msgstr "Opslaan..."
-#: src/io.c:59
+#: src/io.c:60
msgid "Loading..."
msgstr "Laden..."
-#: src/io.c:60
+#: src/io.c:61
msgid "Exporting..."
msgstr "Exporteren..."
-#: src/io.c:123
+#: src/io.c:124
msgid "Choose the file used to export calcurse data:"
msgstr "Kies het bestand om calcurse data naar te exporteren:"
-#: src/io.c:125
+#: src/io.c:126
msgid "The file cannot be accessed, please enter another file name."
msgstr "Het bestand is ontoegankelijk, kies een andere bestandsnaam."
-#: src/io.c:127 src/recur.c:597
+#: src/io.c:128 src/recur.c:626
msgid "Press [ENTER] to continue."
msgstr "[ENTER]-toets om door te gaan."
-#: src/io.c:338
+#: src/io.c:345
#, c-format
msgid "%s does not exist, create it now [y or n] ? "
msgstr "%s bestaat niet, nu aanmaken [j of n] ? "
-#: src/io.c:343 src/io.c:360
+#: src/io.c:350 src/io.c:367
#, c-format
msgid "aborting...\n"
msgstr "afbreken...\n"
-#: src/io.c:354
+#: src/io.c:361
#, c-format
msgid "%s successfully created\n"
msgstr "%s met succes aangemaakt\n"
-#: src/io.c:355
+#: src/io.c:362
#, c-format
msgid "starting interactive mode...\n"
msgstr "interactieve modus gestart...\n"
-#: src/io.c:390
+#: src/io.c:397
msgid "Problems accessing data file ..."
msgstr "Probleem bij benaderen databestand ..."
-#: src/io.c:393
+#: src/io.c:400
msgid "The data files were successfully saved"
msgstr "De databestanden zijn met succes opgeslagen"
-#: src/io.c:545
+#: src/io.c:560
msgid "FATAL ERROR in io_load_app: wrong format in the appointment or event\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in io_load_app: fout formaat in afspraak of gebeurtenis\n"
-#: src/io.c:564
+#: src/io.c:579
msgid "FATAL ERROR in io_load_app: syntax error in the item date\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in io_load_app: fout in syntax itemdatum\n"
-#: src/io.c:579
+#: src/io.c:594
msgid "FATAL ERROR in io_load_app: no event nor appointment found\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in io_load_app: geen afspraak/gebeurtenis gevonden\n"
-#: src/io.c:678
+#: src/io.c:706
msgid "Failed to open todo file"
msgstr "Kan takenbestand niet openen"
-#: src/io.c:764
+#: src/io.c:757 src/io.c:775
+#, c-format
+msgid "FATAL ERROR: could not create %s: %s\n"
+msgstr "FATALE FOUT: kan %s niet aanmaken: %s\n"
+#: src/io.c:814
msgid "Welcome to Calcurse. Missing data files were created."
msgstr "Welkom bij Calcurse. De missende databestanden zijn aangemaakt."
-#: src/io.c:765
+#: src/io.c:815
msgid "Data files found. Data will be loaded now."
msgstr "Databestanden gevonden. Data wordt geladen."
-#: src/io.c:783
+#: src/io.c:833
msgid "FATAL ERROR in io_export_data: wrong export mode\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in io_export_data: verkeerde export modus\n"
-#: src/io.c:784
+#: src/io.c:834
msgid "The data were successfully exported"
msgstr "De data is met succes geŽxporteerd"
@@ -1174,294 +1276,334 @@ msgstr "De data is met succes geŽxporteerd"
msgid "FATAL ERROR in launch_cmd: could not fork"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in launch_cmd: probleem met fork"
-#: src/notify.c:138
+#: src/notify.c:139
msgid "FATAL ERROR in launch_cmd: could not launch user command"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in launch_cmd: kan gebruikerscommando niet starten"
-#: src/notify.c:429
+#: src/notify.c:434
msgid "notify-bar_show = "
msgstr "informatiebalk_toon = "
-#: src/notify.c:430
+#: src/notify.c:435
msgid "notify-bar_date = "
msgstr "informatiebalk_datum = "
-#: src/notify.c:431
+#: src/notify.c:436
msgid "notify-bar_clock = "
msgstr "informatiebalk_tijd= "
-#: src/notify.c:432
+#: src/notify.c:437
msgid "notify-bar_warning = "
msgstr "informatiebalk_waarschuwing = "
-#: src/notify.c:433
+#: src/notify.c:438
msgid "notify-bar_command = "
msgstr "informatiebalk_commando = "
-#: src/notify.c:436
+#: src/notify.c:441
msgid "(if set to YES, notify-bar will be displayed)"
msgstr "(Bij JA, wordt de informatiebalk weergegeven)"
-#: src/notify.c:439
+#: src/notify.c:444
msgid "(Format of the date to be displayed inside notify-bar)"
msgstr "(Formaat van de datum in de informatiebalk.)"
-#: src/notify.c:442
+#: src/notify.c:447
msgid "(Format of the time to be displayed inside notify-bar)"
msgstr "(Formaat van de tijd in de informatiebalk.)"
-#: src/notify.c:445
+#: src/notify.c:450
msgid ""
"(Warn user if an appointment is within next 'notify-bar_warning' seconds)"
msgstr ""
"Meldt gebruiker dat er een afspraak binnen 'informatiebalk_waarschuwing' "
"seconden is"
-#: src/notify.c:449
+#: src/notify.c:454
msgid "(Command used to notify user of an upcoming appointment)"
msgstr "(Commando dat melding geeft van op handen zijnde afspraak)"
-#: src/notify.c:502
+#: src/notify.c:507
msgid "Enter the date format (see 'man 3 strftime' for possible formats) "
msgstr "Geef het formaat van de datum (zie 'man 3 strftime')"
-#: src/notify.c:504
+#: src/notify.c:509
msgid "Enter the time format (see 'man 3 strftime' for possible formats) "
msgstr "Geef het formaat van de tijd (zie 'man 3 strftime')"
-#: src/notify.c:506
+#: src/notify.c:511
msgid "Enter the number of seconds (0 not to be warned before an appointment)"
msgstr "Geef het aantal seconden (0 voor geen waarschuwing voor een afspraak)."
-#: src/notify.c:507
+#: src/notify.c:512
msgid "Enter the notification command "
msgstr "Geef het meldingscommando "
-#: src/notify.c:511
+#: src/notify.c:516
#, c-format
msgid "CalCurse %s | notify-bar options"
msgstr "CalCurse %s | Informatiebalk-opties"
-#: src/recur.c:123
+#: src/recur.c:127
msgid "FATAL ERROR in recur_def2char: unknown recur type\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in recur_def2char: herhaal type onbekend\n"
-#: src/recur.c:152
+#: src/recur.c:158
msgid "FATAL ERROR in recur_char2def: unknown char\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in recur_char2def: onbekend karakter\n"
-#: src/recur.c:274
+#: src/recur.c:281
msgid "FATAL ERROR in recur_event_scan: date error in the event\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in recur_event_scan: datumfout in de gebeurtenis\n"
-#: src/recur.c:388
+#: src/recur.c:399
msgid "FATAL ERROR in recur_item_inday: unknown item type\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in recur_item_inday: type item onbekend\n"
-#: src/recur.c:502
+#: src/recur.c:522
msgid "FATAL ERROR in recur_event_erase: no such event\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in recur_event_erase: gebeurtenis bestaat niet\n"
-#: src/recur.c:562
+#: src/recur.c:591
msgid "FATAL ERROR in recur_apoint_erase: no such appointment\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in recur_apoint_erase: afspraak bestaat niet\n"
-#: src/recur.c:585
+#: src/recur.c:614
msgid "Enter the repetition type: (D)aily, (W)eekly, (M)onthly, (Y)early"
msgstr "Type herhaling: (D)agelijks, (W)ekelijks, (M)aandelijks, (Y) jaarlijks"
-#: src/recur.c:588
+#: src/recur.c:617
msgid "Enter the repetition frequence:"
msgstr "Geef de herhalingsinterval:"
-#: src/recur.c:592
+#: src/recur.c:621
msgid "Enter the ending date: [mm/dd/yyyy] or '0' for an endless repetition"
msgstr "Geef einddatum: [mm/dd/jjjj] of '0' voor oneindige herhaling"
-#: src/recur.c:596
+#: src/recur.c:625
msgid "This item is already a repeated one."
msgstr "Dit item wordt al herhaald."
-#: src/recur.c:599
+#: src/recur.c:628
msgid "Sorry, the date you entered is older than the item start time."
msgstr "Sorry, de ingevoerde datum is ouder dan de aanvangstijd."
-#: src/recur.c:688
+#: src/recur.c:717
msgid "FATAL ERROR in recur_repeat_item: wrong item type\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in recur_repeat_item: fout item type\n"
-#: src/recur.c:713
+#: src/recur.c:744
msgid "FATAL ERROR in recur_exc_scan: syntax error in the item date\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in recur_exc_scan: fout in syntax itemdatum\n"
-#: src/recur.c:779
+#: src/recur.c:811
msgid "FATAL ERROR in recur_get_apoint: no such item\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in recur_get_apoint: item bestaat niet\n"
-#: src/recur.c:799
+#: src/recur.c:832
msgid "FATAL ERROR in recur_get_event: no such item\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in recur_get_event: item bestaat niet\n"
-#: src/recur.c:832
+#: src/recur.c:865
msgid "FATAL ERROR in recur_apoint_switch_notify: no such item\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in recur_apoint_switch_notify: item bestaat niet\n"
-#: src/todo.c:121
+#: src/todo.c:137
msgid "Enter the new ToDo item : "
msgstr "Voer de nieuwe taak in : "
-#: src/todo.c:123
+#: src/todo.c:139
msgid "Enter the ToDo priority [1 (highest) - 9 (lowest)] :"
msgstr "Geef taakprioriteit [1 (hoogste) - 9 (laagste)] :"
-#: src/todo.c:179
+#: src/todo.c:189
+msgid "FATAL ERROR in todo_delete_note_bynum: no note attached\n"
+msgstr "FATALE FOUT in todo_delete_note: geen noot aanwezig\n"
+#: src/todo.c:198
+msgid "FATAL ERROR in todo_delete_note_bynum: no such todo\n"
+msgstr "FATALE FOUT in todo_delete_note_bynum: taak bestaat niet\n"
+#: src/todo.c:225
msgid "FATAL ERROR in todo_delete_bynum: no such todo\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in todo_delete_bynum: taak bestaat niet\n"
-#: src/todo.c:188
+#: src/todo.c:235
msgid "Do you really want to delete this task ?"
msgstr "Wilt u werkelijk deze taak wissen ?"
#: src/todo.c:237
+msgid "This item has a note attached to it. Delete (t)odo or just its (n)ote ?"
+msgstr "Dit item heeft een noot bijgesloten. Wis (t)aak of alleen de (n)oot?"
+#: src/todo.c:240
+msgid "[t/n] "
+msgstr "[t/n]"
+#: src/todo.c:312
msgid "FATAL ERROR in todo_get_position: todo not found\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in todo_get_position: taak bestaat niet\n"
-#: src/todo.c:274
+#: src/todo.c:337
msgid "FATAL ERROR in todo_chg_priority: no such action\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in todo_chg_priority: actie bestaat niet\n"
-#: src/todo.c:289
+#: src/todo.c:352
msgid "Enter the new ToDo description :"
msgstr "Voer de nieuwe taakbeschrijving in : "
-#: src/utils.c:56
+#: src/utils.c:60
-#: src/utils.c:57
+#: src/utils.c:61
msgid "calcurse will now exit..."
msgstr "calcurse eindigt nu..."
-#: src/utils.c:58
+#: src/utils.c:62
msgid "Please report the following bug:"
msgstr "Rapporteer aub de volgende fout:"
-#: src/utils.c:130
+#: src/utils.c:137
msgid "Press any key to continue..."
msgstr "Druk op een toets om door te gaan..."
-#: src/utils.c:353
+#: src/utils.c:360
msgid "FATAL ERROR in updatestring: out of memory"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in updatestring: te weinig geheugen"
-#: src/utils.c:392
+#: src/utils.c:400
msgid "Help"
msgstr "Hulp"
-#: src/utils.c:393
+#: src/utils.c:401
msgid "Quit"
msgstr "Einde"
-#: src/utils.c:394
+#: src/utils.c:402
msgid "Save"
msgstr "Opslaan"
-#: src/utils.c:395
+#: src/utils.c:403
msgid "Export"
-msgstr "Exporteren"
+msgstr "Export"
-#: src/utils.c:396
+#: src/utils.c:404
msgid "Add Item"
-msgstr "Item toevoegen"
+msgstr "Nieuw Itm"
-#: src/utils.c:397
+#: src/utils.c:405
msgid "Del Item"
-msgstr "Item wissen"
+msgstr "Wis Item"
-#: src/utils.c:398
+#: src/utils.c:406
msgid "Edit Itm"
-msgstr "Wijzig Itm"
+msgstr "Wzg Itm"
-#: src/utils.c:399
+#: src/utils.c:407
msgid "Flag Itm"
msgstr "Vlag Itm"
-#: src/utils.c:400 src/utils.c:412
+#: src/utils.c:408 src/utils.c:422
msgid "-+1 Day"
msgstr "-/+1 Dag"
-#: src/utils.c:401 src/utils.c:413
+#: src/utils.c:409 src/utils.c:423
msgid "-+1 Week"
msgstr "-/+ Week"
-#: src/utils.c:402
+#: src/utils.c:410
msgid "Up/Down"
msgstr "Op/Neer"
-#: src/utils.c:403
+#: src/utils.c:411
msgid "Repeat"
msgstr "Herhalen"
-#: src/utils.c:404
+#: src/utils.c:412
msgid "Priority"
msgstr "Prioriteit"
-#: src/utils.c:405
+#: src/utils.c:413
msgid "Chg View"
msgstr "Wzg focus"
-#: src/utils.c:406
+#: src/utils.c:414
msgid "Go to"
msgstr "Ga naar"
-#: src/utils.c:407
+#: src/utils.c:415
msgid "Config"
msgstr "Config"
-#: src/utils.c:408
+#: src/utils.c:416
msgid "View"
msgstr "Bekijken"
-#: src/utils.c:409
+#: src/utils.c:417
msgid "Redraw"
msgstr "Ververs"
-#: src/utils.c:410
+#: src/utils.c:418
msgid "Add Appt"
-msgstr "Nieuwe Afspr"
+msgstr "Nieuw Afspr"
-#: src/utils.c:411
+#: src/utils.c:419
msgid "Add Todo"
-msgstr "Nieuwe Taak"
+msgstr "Nieuw Taak"
-#: src/utils.c:414
+#: src/utils.c:420
+msgid "EditNote"
+msgstr "WzgNoot"
+#: src/utils.c:421
+msgid "ViewNote"
+msgstr "BekijkNoot"
+#: src/utils.c:424
msgid "OtherCmd"
msgstr "AnderCmd"
-#: src/utils.c:478
+#: src/utils.c:488
msgid "FATAL ERROR in date2sec: failure in mktime\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in date2sec: fout in mktime\n"
-#: src/utils.c:732
+#: src/utils.c:743
msgid "Appointment"
msgstr "Afspraak"
-#: src/utils.c:782
+#: src/utils.c:766
msgid "FATAL ERROR in other_status_page: unknown panel\n"
msgstr "FATALE FOUT in other_status_page: onbekend panel\n"
-#: src/utils.c:853
+#: src/utils.c:834
+msgid "FATAL ERROR in mystrtol: could not convert string"
+msgstr "FATALE FOUT in mystrtol: kan string niet omzetten"
+#: src/utils.c:836
+msgid "FATAL ERROR in mystrtol: number is out of range"
+msgstr "FATALE FOUT in mystrtol: nummer buiten bereik"
+#: src/utils.c:857
msgid "yes"
msgstr "ja"
-#: src/utils.c:856
+#: src/utils.c:860
msgid "no"
msgstr "nee"
-#: src/utils.c:859
+#: src/utils.c:863
msgid "option not defined - Problem in print_option_incolor()"
msgstr "Optie ongedefinieerd - Probleem in print_option_incolor()"
+#: src/utils.c:900
+msgid "FATAL ERROR: temporary file could not be created!"
+msgstr "FATALE FOUT: tijdelijk bestand kan niet worden aangemaakt!"
+#: src/utils.c:914
+msgid "FATAL ERROR in erase_note: could not remove note\n"
+msgstr "FATALE FOUT in erase_note: kan noot niet verwijderen\n"
#: src/vars.c:48
msgid "January"
msgstr "januari"
@@ -1538,22 +1680,22 @@ msgstr " vr"
msgid "Sat"
msgstr " za"
-#: src/wins.c:98
+#: src/wins.c:99
#, c-format
msgid "Calendar"
msgstr "Kalender"
-#: src/wins.c:102
+#: src/wins.c:103
#, c-format
msgid "Appointments"
msgstr "Afspraken"
-#: src/wins.c:108
+#: src/wins.c:109
#, c-format
msgid "ToDo"
msgstr "Taken"
-#: src/wins.c:340
+#: src/wins.c:341
msgid "FATAL ERROR in wins_update: no window selected\n"
msgstr "Fatale fout in wins_update: geen venster geselecteerd\n"