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oauth2client`) or your distribution's package manager
Synchronization With Google Calendar
You will need to use your Google account to create a Google API project and
enable both the CalDAV API and the Google Calendar API. We will be doing this to
@@ -167,11 +167,34 @@ calcurse-caldav --init keep-remote --authcode '4/Ok6mBNW2nppfIwyL-Q1ZPVkEk3zZdZN
### 403 (Forbidden) When Submitting Auth Code for Google Calendar
- Ensure that both the CalDAV API and the Google Calendar API are enabled for
your Google Developer project
- Ensure that your authcode consists of only the `code` parameter's value when
-extracting from the returned URL \ No newline at end of file
+extracting from the returned URL
+Synchronization With Yahoo's Calendar Server
+The following configuration has been reported to work with Yahoo's calendar
+Binary = calcurse
+Hostname = caldav.calendar.yahoo.com
+AuthMethod = basic
+InsecureSSL = No
+Username = *<username>*
+Password = *<password>*
+Scope = https://caldav.calendar.yahoo.com/
+User-Agent = Mac_OS_X/10.15.1 (13C64) CalendarAgent/176