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authorFrederic Culot <calcurse@culot.org>2006-09-02 09:03:07 +0000
committerFrederic Culot <calcurse@culot.org>2006-09-02 09:03:07 +0000
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help text added for the 'Priority' function and help text updated for the 'Add' function
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diff --git a/src/help.c b/src/help.c
index 8737725..34d58c6 100755
--- a/src/help.c
+++ b/src/help.c
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-/* $calcurse: help.c,v 1.3 2006/08/23 19:43:04 culot Exp $ */
+/* $calcurse: help.c,v 1.4 2006/09/02 09:03:07 culot Exp $ */
* Calcurse - text-based organizer
@@ -90,6 +90,7 @@ void help_screen(int which_pan, int colr)
help_page_t help_goto;
help_page_t help_delete;
help_page_t help_add;
+ help_page_t help_priority;
help_page_t help_repeat;
help_page_t help_config;
help_page_t help_credits;
@@ -195,8 +196,12 @@ void help_screen(int which_pan, int colr)
help_add.text =
_("Pressing 'A' allows you to add an item in either the ToDo or Appointment\n"
"list, depending on which panel is selected when you press 'A'.\n"
- "\nTo enter a new item in the TODO list, you only need to enter the\n"
- "description of this new item.\n"
+ "\nTo enter a new item in the TODO list, you will need first to enter the\n"
+ "description of this new item. Then you will be asked to specify the todo\n"
+ "priority. This priority is represented by a number going from 9 for the\n"
+ "lowest priority, to 1 for the highest one. It is still possible to\n"
+ "change the item priority afterwards, by using the '+/-' keys inside the\n"
+ "todo panel.\n"
"\nIf the APPOINTMENT panel is selected while pressing 'A', you will be\n"
"able to enter either a new appointment or a new all-day long event.\n"
"To enter a new event, press [ENTER] instead of the item start time, and\n"
@@ -220,6 +225,20 @@ void help_screen(int which_pan, int colr)
" o do not forget to save the calendar data to retrieve the new\n"
" event next time you launch Calcurse.");
+ help_priority.title = _("Priority:\n");
+ help_priority.text =
+ _("Pressing '+' or '-' allows you to change the priority of the currently\n"
+ "selected item in the ToDo list. Priorities are represented by the number\n"
+ "appearing in front of the todo description. This number goes from 9 for\n"
+ "the lowest priority to 1 for the highest priority. Todo having higher\n"
+ "priorities are placed first (at the top) inside the todo panel.\n\n"
+ "If you want to raise the priority of a todo item, you need to press '+'.\n"
+ "In doing so, the number in front of this item will decrease, meaning its\n"
+ "priority increases. The item position inside the todo panel may change,\n"
+ "depending on the priority of the items above it.\n\n"
+ "At the opposite, to lower a todo priority, press '-'. The todo position\n"
+ "may also change depending on the priority of the items below.");
help_repeat.title = _("Repeat:\n");
help_repeat.text =
_("Pressing 'R' allows you to repeat an event or an appointment. You must\n"
@@ -359,6 +378,13 @@ void help_screen(int which_pan, int colr)
help_view.text, pad_width);
+ case '+':
+ case '-':
+ first_line = 0;
+ nl = write_help_pad(help_pad, help_priority.title,
+ help_priority.text, pad_width);
+ break;
case 9:
first_line = 0;
nl = write_help_pad(help_pad, help_tab.title,