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doc/: Mention punctual appointments
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@@ -17,7 +17,9 @@ instead of the item start time, and just fill in the event description.
To enter a new appointment to be added in the appointment list, you will need
to enter successively the time at which the appointment begins, the appointment
length (either by specifying the end time in [hh:mm] or the duration in
-[+hh:mm], [+xxdxxhxxm] or [+mm] format), and the description of the event.
+[+hh:mm], [+xxdxxhxxm] or [+mm] format), and the description of the event. If
+you skip the end time by pressing [ENTER], a punctual appointment will be
The day at which occurs the event or appointment is the day currently selected
in the calendar, so you need to move to the desired day before.
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and ending date). Moreover, the previous data concerning the deleted
occurrences will be lost.
+* You can enter an empty end time to convert an existing appointment into a
+ punctual appointment.
* Do not forget to save the calendar data to retrieve the modified properties
next time you launch Calcurse.