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+ Calcurse TODO list :
+ --------------------
+Here are listed the modifications I will perform on Calcurse in future
+releases. They are ordered into three different parts, depending on the
+priority. Feel free to send me an email (see the AUTHORS file) if you
+would like to see a feature added in Calcurse which does not appear in
+this list.
+ o ecrire routines pour demander a l'utilisateur de rentrer les
+ evenements recursifs
+ o lorsque j'ai à la fois des évenements et des rdv récurrents, ils ne
+ sont pas affichés dans le bon ordre, et il n'y a pas de traits entre
+ chaque
+ o implémenter la suppression des elements recursifs
+ o mettre à jour les fichiers po/
+ o tagger les fichiers avec marqueurs CVS
+ o rajouter dans les remerciements du manuel
+ les personnes qui me font les autres
+ paquets calcurse
+ o Implement recursive events and appointments
+ o Add a cron interface to get noticed of events by mail
+ o Add a week view in the calendar panel
+ o Add a clock to show current time and date
+ o Add import capabilities to read ical files inside calcurse
+ o Add export capabilities to create html (or other format) files
+ o Accept dates entered in other formats such as d/m/yyyy or d/m/yy,
+ make the date format user configurable
+ o Make keys user configurable
+ o Add shortcuts which would apply everywhere (for exemple A to add an
+ appointment even if you are in the calendar panel)
+ o Add 't' alias for 'g - Enter'
+ o Create external calendars which would contain hollydays and such (in ics
+ format, as in mozilla sunbird)..
+ o All status bars should be terminal-size dependant (config_bar is not)
+ o Improve check_event_time() using sscanf as in goto_day()
+ o Get rid of the scroller() function