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# If you want to synchronize calcurse with a CalDAV server using
# calcurse-caldav, create a new directory ~/.calcurse/caldav/, copy this file
# to ~/.calcurse/caldav/config and adjust the configuration below.

# Path to the calcurse binary that is used for importing/exporting items.
Binary = calcurse

# Host name of the server that hosts CalDAV.
Hostname = some.hostname.com

# Path to the CalDAV calendar on the host specified above.
Path = /path/to/calendar/on/the/server/

# Enable this if you want to skip SSL certificate checks.
InsecureSSL = No

# Disable this option to actually enable synchronization. If it is enabled,
# nothing is actually written to the server or to the local data files. If you
# combine DryRun = Yes with Verbose = Yes, you get a log of what would have
# happened with this option disabled.
DryRun = Yes

# Enable this if you want detailed logs written to stdout.
Verbose = Yes

# Credentials for HTTP Basic Authentication. Leave this commented out if you do
# not want to use authentication.
#Username = user
#Password = pass

# Optionally specify additional HTTP headers here.
#User-Agent = Mac_OS_X/10.9.2 (13C64) CalendarAgent/176