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 Calcurse TODO list :

Here are listed the modifications I will perform on Calcurse in future
releases. They are ordered into three different parts, depending on the
priority. Feel free to send me an email (see the AUTHORS file) if you
would like to see a feature added in Calcurse which does not appear in
this list.

	o ecrire routines pour demander a l'utilisateur de rentrer les
	evenements recursifs

	o lorsque j'ai � la fois des �venements et des rdv r�currents, ils ne
	sont pas affich�s dans le bon ordre, et il n'y a pas de traits entre

	o impl�menter la suppression des elements recursifs

	o mettre � jour les fichiers po/
	o tagger les fichiers avec marqueurs CVS

	o rajouter dans les remerciements du manuel 
	les personnes qui me font les autres
	paquets calcurse

  o  Implement recursive events and appointments
  o  Add a cron interface to get noticed of events by mail
  o  Add a week view in the calendar panel
  o  Add a clock to show current time and date 

  o  Add import capabilities to read ical files inside calcurse
  o  Add export capabilities to create html (or other format) files 
  o  Accept dates entered in other formats such as d/m/yyyy or d/m/yy,
     make the date format user configurable
  o  Make keys user configurable

  o  Add shortcuts which would apply everywhere (for exemple A to add an
     appointment even if you are in the calendar panel)
  o  Add 't' alias for 'g - Enter'
  o  Create external calendars which would contain hollydays and such (in ics
     format, as in mozilla sunbird)..
  o  All status bars should be terminal-size dependant (config_bar is not)
  o  Improve check_event_time() using sscanf as in goto_day()
  o  Get rid of the scroller() function