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		README file for the calcurse package

See the file INSTALL for instructions on how to build and install calcurse.
See the file Changelog for a release history and bug-fix notes.
See the file TODO for things that still need doing.

Browse the file doc/manual_xx.html (where xx stands for a language
abbreviation) for narrative descriptions of how to use calcurse.


	You should be reading this file in a directory called: calcurse-x.x,
	where x.x is the current version number. There should be two 
	subdirectories : 'src' and 'doc'. 
	Detailed documentation in html format can be found in the 'doc' 
	directory. Calcurse sources can be found in the 'src' directory.


	Frederic Culot 


	Michael Schulz: calcurse manual german translation.

	See also the 'Thanks' section in doc/manual_xx.html for a list of 
	people who have contributed by reporting bugs, sending fixes, or 
	suggesting improvements.