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		README file for the calcurse package

See the file INSTALL for instructions on how to build and install calcurse.
See the file Changelog for a release history and bug-fix notes.
See the file TODO for things that still need doing.

Browse the file doc/manual_xx.html (where xx stands for a language
abbreviation) for narrative descriptions of how to use calcurse.


	You should be reading this file in a directory called: calcurse-x.x,
	where x.x is the current version number. There should be two 
	subdirectories : 'src' and 'doc'. 
	Detailed documentation in html format can be found in the 'doc' 
	directory. Calcurse sources can be found in the 'src' directory.


	Frederic Culot 


	German translation	Michael Schulz, Chris M. 	
	Spanish translation	Jose Lopez
	Dutch translation	Jeremy Roon

	See also the 'Thanks' section in doc/manual_xx.html for a list of 
	people who have contributed by reporting bugs, sending fixes, or 
	suggesting improvements.