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[01 Jul 2012]
Version 3.0.0:
- New features:
  * Full UTF-8 support.

  * Much more powerful formatting options for printing items in non-interactive
    mode. Format strings can be specified using "--format-apt",
    "--format-event", "--format-recur-apt" and "--format-recur-event".

  * Support for vim-style count prefixes for displacement keys.

  * Powerful duration strings: Allows using extended duration strings, such as
    "+3:10" or "+1d20h5m".

  * A feature that allows piping items to external commands.

  * New key bindings to jump to the previous/next month/year.

  * A new configuration file format. `calcurse-upgrade` can be used to convert
    existing configuration files.

  * Several performance improvements.

  * Notes are now stored using hash-based file names which results in lower
    disk space usage.

  * A test suite that can be used to test the core functionality of calcurse.

  * "-D" and "-c" can now be used simultaneously, whereby "-c" has precedence
    over "-D".

  * A "--read-only" command line option to discard all changes to data files.

- Bug fixes:
  * Do not hardcode paths to the default editor/pager. Rely on the "$PATH"
    variable instead.

  * Update the number of todo items when importing an iCal file to prevent some
    items from being inaccessible.

  * Fix a segmentation fault when importing iCal data (reported by Andraz

  * Format the "DURATION" field properly on iCal export. Use
    days/hours/minutes/seconds instead of seconds (reported and fixed by Jerome

  * Do not localize dates in pcal exports (reported by Baptiste Jonglez).

- Translation:
  * Portuguese translation (provided by Rafael Ferreira).

  * 100% complete French, German and Russian translations.

[08 Sep 2011]
Version 2.9.2:
- Bugfixes:
  * Handle iCal line folding correctly.

  * Introduce a configure option to completely exclude the documentation
    subdirectory from the build process ("--disable-docs").

[03 Aug 2011]
Version 2.9.1:
- Bugfixes:
  * Keep the order of events across restarts (reported by Alan).

  * Fix the build process when disabling documentation generation.

  * Avoid flickering on window resize.

  * Avoid a segfault when resizing the calcurse window.

  * Add missing documentation for the "backword-kill-word" line editing

  * Honor the "TMPDIR" environment variable instead of using hardcoded paths
    for temporary files (reported by Erik Saule).

  * Fix pager invocation when showing the log file during an import (reported
    by Andraz Levstik).

  * Accept resource parameters in iCal import. Accept additional parameters
    such as language parameters (reported by Andraz Levstik).

  * Sync the notification item after editing or pasting an appointment. This
    ensures the information in the notification bar as well as the countdown
    for the notification daemon are always up-to-date (reported by Andraz

  * Fix recurrent appointment notification.

  * Fix flagging of regular appointments.

  * Fix sort order when using command line options to display upcoming
    appointments and events (reported by Erik Saule).

[29 May 2011]
Version 2.9.0
- New features:
  * Usage of short form dates such as "29/5/10" instead of "29/05/2010", "23"
    for the 23rd of the currently selected month and year or "3/1" for Mar 01
    (or Jan 03, depending on the date format) of the currently selected year.

  * "backword-kill-word" line editing function.

  * Automatically drop empty notes after editing.

  * Documentation and man pages now are in AsciiDoc format which is easier to
    maintain and can be translated to several formats such as HTML, PDF,
    PostScript, EPUB, DocBook and much more.

  * Manual and man pages contain updated links to our new website and mailing
    lists, as well as instructions on how to use Transifex.

  * Extensive code cleanups and improvements.

- Bugfixes:
  * Avoid a segfault when resizing the help window.

  * Remove the lock file if calcurse died (fixes Debian Bug #575772, thanks to
    Erik for submitting a patch).

  * Parse appointment end times correctly if they date back (reported by
    Aleksey Mechonoshin).

  * Fix some compiler warnings.

- Translation:
  * Russian translation provided by Aleksey Mechonoshin.

  * Several translation updates.

[29 May 2010]
Version 2.8
- New features:
  * a weekly calendar view was added with the display of the week number and
    colored slices indicating appointment times

  * the side bar width can now be customized by the user

- Bugfixes:
  * wrong calculation of recurrent dates after a turn of year fixed (patch
    provided by Lukas Fleischer)

  * check for data directory availability added

  * fixed a possible segfault that could be triggered when calcurse screen
    became too small

  * INSTALL file is no longer missing from the distributed package

  * compilation issue related to memory functions definitions fixed

[22 Aug 2009]
Version 2.7
- New features:
  * a daemon was implemented so that calcurse can now send reminders in

  * new --status command line option to display information about calcurse
    running instances

- Bugfixes:
  * fixed a bug which prevented ical files from being imported

  * no more error when user's home directory does not exist

  * dates are now written properly again when using the '-r' flag

  * incorrect duration format fixed when exporting to ical

[11 Jul 2009]
Version 2.6
- New features:
  * calcurse is now distributed under a 2-clause BSD-style license

  * todos can now be flagged as completed

  * support for regex-based searches added

  * locking mechanism implemented to prevent having two calcurse instances
    running at the same time

  * inside calendar panel, day names and selected date are now in the same
    colour as user's theme

- Bugfixes:
  * missing 'T' letter added in the DURATION field for ical export (reported
    by cuz)

  * ical events which spans over several days are now imported correctly
    (reported by Andreas Kalex)

  * fixed gcc's `format-security' issue (reported by Francois Boulogne)

  * no more freeze when changing color within the configuration screen on

  * fixed a memory leak caused by a wrong use of the structures related to the
    notification bar

  * todo items are not displayed twice if -d and -t flags are both given
    (reported by Timo Schmiade)

  * it is now possible to export data from a given appointment file even if
    the user does not have any home directory (reported by Ben Zanin)

  * prevent character deletion before the beginning of the string within the
    online editor (reported by Martin Rehak)

[25 Jan 2009]
Version 2.5
- New features:
  * new option to periodically save data

  * cut and paste feature added, to move items from one day to another

  * support for iso date format (yyyy-mm-dd) added

  * new '--enable-memory-debug' configuration option to monitor memory usage

  * configuration scipt improved to be able to link against ncursesw if ncurses
    is not available

- Bugfixes:
  * fixed a two-years old bug (appeared in version 1.5) that made repeated items
  with exceptions load uncorrectly in some cases (thanks to Jan Smydke for
  reporting it)

  * fixed a bug related to user-configured keys that could be lost when using
  calcurse in non-interactive mode

[27 Dec 2008]
Version 2.4
- New features:
  * key bindings are now user-definable

  * new layout configuration menu

- Bugfixes:
  * memory leak due to a wrong use of the pthread library fixed

  * fixed a possible freeze when deleting an appointment's note

  * exception dates now properly ignored when exporting data to pcal format

  * daylight saving time unwanted offset fixed

[14 Dec 2008]
Version 2.4_beta   beta version available for testing.

[15 Oct 2008]
Version 2.3
- New feature:
  * ical import added

[29 Sep 2008]
Version 2.3_beta   beta version available for testing.

[28 Aug 2008]
Version 2.2
- New features:
  * pcal export added, to be able to produce nice-looking PostScript output

  * '-s', '-r' and '-D' command line arguments added which allows to use an
  alternative data directory, and to be more flexible when specifying the range
  of dates to be considered when displaying appointments and events
  (thanks Erik for submiting the patch)

  * '^G', '0' and '$' keybindings added to ease movements in calendar

[12 Aug 2008]
Version 2.2_beta   beta version available for testing.

[17 May 2008]
Version 2.1
- New features:
  * '--note' command line argument added which allows the display of note
    contents in non-interactive mode (patch submitted by Erik Saule)

  * It is now possible to configure date formats used in calcurse interactive
    and non-interactive modes (patch submitted by Tony)

- Bugfixes:
  * Debian Bug Report #469297

- Translation:
  * Italian manual provided by Leandro Noferini

[26 Apr 2008]
Version 2.1_beta   beta version available for testing.

[02 Mar 2008]
Version 2.0
- New features:
  * Ability to attach notes to appointments, events and todos added

  * Call to an external editor/pager to edit/view notes implemented

  * Documentation improved, with the use of a css style sheet in html manuals

- Bugfixes:
  * Leap years are now properly handled

  * configure.ac updated to link against pthread and not lpthread

[16 Feb 2008]
Version 2.0_beta   beta version available for testing.

[23 Oct 2007]
Version 1.9
- New features:
  * Moon phase calculation added

  * Automatic redraw is now performed when resizing terminal

  * Major code cleanup release, error and signal handling improved

- Bugfixes:
  * Current day is now automatically updated in the calendar panel

  * No more problem when trying to load a calendar from current directory

- Translation:
  * Dutch translation and manual provided by Jeremy Roon

[31 Aug 2007]
Version 1.9_beta   beta version available on request.

[22 May 2007]
Version 1.8
- New features:
  * The command launched to notify user of an upcoming appointment is now
    configurable, so that user can get warned by mail or by playing a tune for

  * Color theme configuration menu was completely redesigned, with support for
    default terminal's color added

  * 'Export' command implemented, to be able to save calcurse data in iCalendar
    format. The '--export' command line argument was also implemented to be able
    to use this feature in non-interactive mode.

  * 'Flag Item' command implemented to mark appointments as 'important' so that
    user gets notified before they arrive

- Bugfixes:
  * Fixed a possible problem while editing an item description and using CTRL-D
    to delete last character

  * 01/01/1970 is not returned anymore when editing an item endless repetition

[15 Apr 2007]
Version 1.8_beta   beta version available on request. 

[20 Jan 2007]
Version 1.7
- New features:
  * 'Edit Item' command implemented to be able to modify an already existing

  * Long command-line options are now accepted

  * '-t' flag now takes a priority number as optional argument 

  * Repeated items are now marked with an '*' to be recognizable from normal

- Bugfixes:
  * When creating a recurrent item, the end-date is included again in the

  * Date format corrected in 'Go To' command

[18 Dec 2006]
Version 1.7_beta   beta version available on request. 

[01 Oct 2006]
Version 1.6
- New features:
  * Notification-bar implemented, which indicates current date and time,
    the calendar file in use and the next upcoming appointment together with the
    time left before it

  * '-n' flag added to get notified of the next appointment within upcoming 24

  * Support for todo priorities added

  * New screen layouts added to make the todo panel the largest one

  * General keybindings implemented, which apply whatever panel is selected

- Bugfixes:
  * The repeated end date can no longer be before the item start date 

  * Fixed a possible conflict in the LOCALEDIR variable definition

- Translation:
  * spanish translation and manual provided by Jose Lopez

  * german translation and manual updated by Christoph M.

[26 Aug 2006]
Version 1.5
- New features:
  * Support for recurrent events and appointments added

- Bugfixes:
  * Debian Bug Report #369550, #377543

  * fixed the compiler linking problem with libintl
    on systems which do not provide intl support within libc

- Translation:
  * german translation provided by Michael Schulz

  * english translation provided by Neil Williams

[15 May 2006]
Version 1.4
- New features:
  * Support for i18n added
  * Support for non-color terminals added

  * Option added to choose which day is the first of the week 
    (monday or sunday)

  * Documentation improved, with translated html manuals

- Bugfixes:
  * When confirmation is requested, it is now done by pressing 
    'y' or 'n' instead of 'yes' or 'no'

- Translation:
  * french translation 

  * french and german manuals

[17 Mar 2006]
Version 1.3
- New features:
  * Adding of all-day long events                                             
  * Many GUI improvements:                                                    
        o better scrolling (with the use of ncurses pad functions)          
        o scrollbars added                                                  
        o progress bar added                                                

  * Appointment duration can now be entered either in minutes or in           
    hh:mm format

- Bugfixes:
  * January 0 bug fixed                                                       
  * Current day is no longer highlighted in every year of the future          
    and the past (thanks to Michael for reporting that bug)                   

  * Fixed compiler warnings (thanks to Uwe for reporting this)                

  * Removed -lpanel link during compilation                                   

  * Characters can now be erased with CTRL-H (to fix a problem                
    reported by Brendan)

[26 Nov 2005]
Version 1.2
- New features:
  * An option was added to skip system dialogs                                
  * Configure script was improved

- Bugfixes:
  * Ncurses library use improved: screen refreshing is faster,                
    windows do not flicker anymore when updated, and memory                     
    footprint is much smaller                                                   
  * Changed abbreviation for 'Wednesday' from 'Wen' to 'Wed'

[29 Oct 2005]
Version 1.1
- New features:
  * Command-line options which allows to display appointments and             
    todo list without entering the interactive mode                           

  * Manpage and documentation updated                                         

  * Configure script improved

- Bugfixes:
  * Debian Bug Report #335430 regarding the GoTo today function               
    is now fixed

[08 Oct 2005]
Version 1.0       First stable release
- New features:
  * Calcurse now comes with a manpage

- Bugfixes:
  * Debian Bug Report #330869 regarding the October 0 which does not          
    exist is now fixed                                                        
  * Default options "auto-save", "confirm-quit", and                          
    "confirm-delete" were set to 'yes'

[11 Sep 2005]
Version 1.0rc3    First public release

[26 Jun 2005]
Version 1.0rc2
beta version

[02 Apr 2005]
Version 1.0rc1
beta version