You can get prebuilt documentation for the latest release here:

Reporting Bugs

Before reporting bugs, please search the bug tracker to avoid duplicate reports. Duplicates are counter-productive and promptly closed. Please search both open reports, as well as recently closed bugs, since the defect you encountered might have already been fixed in the development branch.

To open a bug, send a mail to the bugs mailing list. Check the Mailing Lists section below for details on how to subscribe. Your bug report will be added to the bug tracker after confirmation/review. Do not forget to include the following information:

Please follow up on bugs and give continued feedback if requested.

Mailing Lists

The mailing lists should be your first point of contact. Please be sure to read the relevant parts of the user manual before asking questions.

At the moment, there are four different lists:

To subscribe to one of the mailing lists, send an empty mail to one of the mailing list addresses, adding +subscribe to the local part (announce+subscribe instead of announce, misc+subscribe instead of misc, bugs+subscribe instead of bugs, i18n+subscribe instead of i18n). To unsubscribe, use the unsubscribe keyword, respectively.

Note that we use spamd with greylisting, so don't panic if your mails are delayed the first time you post to one of the lists.

Developer Contact

The calcurse dev team follows all mailing lists. If you still want to send a direct mail, submit it to info at calcurse dot org or to one of the author's private mail addresses: