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Update contact information
* The self-hosted bug tracker is no longer used. * Add a link to the GitHub issue tracker. * Remove Frederic's email address from the developer contact. Signed-off-by: Lukas Fleischer <>
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<h2 id="bugs">Reporting Bugs</h2>
- Before reporting bugs, please search the
- <a href="">bug tracker</a> to avoid duplicate
- reports. Duplicates are counter-productive and promptly closed. Please search
- both open reports, as well as recently closed bugs, since the defect you
- encountered might have already been fixed in the development branch.
To open a bug, send a mail to the <tt>bugs</tt> mailing list. Check the
<a href="#ml">Mailing Lists</a> section below for details on how to
- subscribe. Your bug report will be added to the bug tracker after
- confirmation/review. Do not forget to include the following information:
+ subscribe. Do not forget to include the following information:
<li>The version of the calcurse release being used.</li>
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Please follow up on bugs and give continued feedback if requested.
+ Alternatively, you can use the <a href="">GitHub issue tracker</a>.
<h2 id="ml">Mailing Lists</h2>
@@ -136,14 +131,10 @@
<h2 id="devs">Developer Contact</h2>
- The <tt>calcurse</tt> dev team follows all mailing lists. If you still want
- to send a direct mail, submit it to <tt>info at calcurse dot org</tt> or to
- one of the author's private mail addresses:
+ The <tt>calcurse</tt> dev team follows all mailing lists. If you want to send
+ a direct mail to the lead developer, submit it to <tt>Lukas Fleischer
+ &lt;lfleischer at calcurse dot org&gt;</tt>.
- <li>Frederic Culot <tt>&lt;calcurse at culot dot org&gt;</tt></li>
- <li>Lukas Fleischer <tt>&lt;lfleischer at calcurse dot org&gt;</tt></li>
<div id="footer">
Copyright &copy; 2012-2013 <a href="/support/#devs">calcurse Development Team</a>.