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-<h2 id="support">Support</h2>
+<h2 id="doc">Documentation</h2>
- <tt>calcurse</tt> has a small, but helpful community.
+ You can get prebuilt documentation for the latest release here:
- Your first point of contact are the <a href="#ml">mailing lists</a>. Please
- be sure to read the relevant parts of the
- <a href="/downloads/#doc">user manual</a> before asking questions.
+ <li><a href="/files/manual.chunked/">HTML</a> (multiple pages, 108kB)</li>
+ <li><a href="/files/manual.html">HTML</a> (single page, 72kB)</li>
+ <li><a href="/files/manual.pdf">PDF</a> (162kB)</li>
<h2 id="ml">Mailing Lists</h2>
+ The mailing lists should be your first point of contact. Please be sure to
+ read the relevant parts of the <a href="/#doc">user manual</a> before asking
+ questions.
+ At the moment, there are two different lists:
<tt>misc at calcurse dot org</tt> &ndash; for calcurse users, development
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to send a direct mail, submit it to <tt>info at calcurse dot org</tt> or to
one of the author's private mail addresses:
<li>Frederic Culot <tt>&lt;calcurse at culot dot org&gt;</tt></li>
<li>Lukas Fleischer <tt>&lt;calcurse at cryptocrack dot de&gt;</tt></li>