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For experimental CalDAV support, check out the <tt>calcurse-caldav</tt>
script which is part of the latest release.
+ <dt>How do I setup CalDAV synchronization?</dt>
+ <dd>
+ Check the
+ <a href=""><tt>calcurse-caldav</tt> <tt>README</tt> file</a>.
+ </dd>
<dt>Is it possible to get rid of the messages confirming loaded/saved data?</dt>
Yes, disable the <tt>general.systemdialogs</tt> setting from within the
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<li><a href="/files/manual.pdf">PDF</a> (171kB)</li>
<li><a href="/files/calcurse.1.html">calcurse(1) Manual Page</a> (28kB)</li>
+ <li><a href=""><tt>calcurse-caldav</tt> <tt>README</tt></a></li>