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Add note on "announce" mailing list.
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- At the moment, there are two different lists:
+ At the moment, there are three different lists:
+ <tt>announce at calcurse dot org</tt> &ndash; release announcements
+ </li>
+ <li>
<tt>misc at calcurse dot org</tt> &ndash; for calcurse users, development
and general discussion
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To subscribe to one of the mailing lists, send an empty mail to one of the
mailing list addresses, adding <tt>+subscribe</tt> to the local part
- (<tt>misc+subscribe</tt> instead of <tt>misc</tt>, <tt>bugs+subscribe</tt>
+ (<tt>announce+subscribe</tt> instead of <tt>announce</tt>,
+ <tt>misc+subscribe</tt> instead of <tt>misc</tt>, <tt>bugs+subscribe</tt>
instead of <tt>bugs</tt>). To unsubscribe, use the <tt>unsubscribe</tt>
keyword, respectively.