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The calcurse 3.1.2 release tarball is signed by me. Update the signature hint accordingly. Signed-off-by: Lukas Fleischer <>
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The signature can be verified with
- <a href="">Frederic's GnuPG key</a>:
+ <a href="">Lukas's GnuPG key</a>:
-pub 1024D/34876C5B 2006-08-26
- Key fingerprint = 50EE CE94 E43E BA85 CB67 262B B739 1A26 3487 6C5B
-uid Frederic Culot &lt;;
-sub 2048g/F1EF901F 2006-08-26
+pub 4096R/9326B440 2011-10-12
+ Key fingerprint = 2E36 D862 0221 482F C45C B7F2 A917 6475 9326 B440
+uid Lukas Fleischer &lt;info at cryptocrack dot de&gt;
+uid Lukas Fleischer (calcurse) &lt;calcurse at cryptocrack dot de&gt;
+uid Lukas Fleischer (Arch Linux) &lt;archlinux at cryptocrack dot de&gt;
+sub 4096R/EC9A8E15 2011-10-12
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