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Generic key bindings

Some of the key bindings apply whatever panel is selected. They are called
generic key bindings.

Here is the list of all the generic key bindings, together with their
corresponding action:

 '^R' : Redraw function -> redraws calcurse panels, this is useful if
                           you resize your terminal screen or when
                           garbage appears inside the display
 '^A' : Add Appointment -> add an appointment or an event
 '^T' : Add TODO        -> add a todo
 'T' : -1 Day          -> move to previous day
 't' : +1 Day          -> move to next day
 'W' : -1 Week         -> move to previous week
 'w' : +1 Week         -> move to next week
 'M' : -1 Month        -> move to previous month
 'm' : +1 Month        -> move to next month
 'Y' : -1 Year         -> move to previous year
 'y' : +1 Year         -> move to next year
 '^G' : Goto today      -> move to current day

The '^P' and '^N' keys are used to scroll text upward or downward when inside
specific screens such the help screens for example. They are also used when the
calendar screen is selected to switch between the available views (monthly and
weekly calendar views).